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Schmidt Cattle Company “Bulls That Fit”

Victor Baseggio, Gordon, Nebraska bought Lots 171 and 110.

Date: Mar. 25, 2015

Location: Sheridan Livestock Auction Co., Rushville, NE

Auctioneer: Doug Jaggers

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

Averages: 84 yearling Charolais Bulls ave. $7444

The Schmidt Cattle Company, owned by Randy and Marj Schmidt, Gordon, Nebraska, hosted a nice crowd of mostly repeat buyers for their annual bull sale. This was easily the best sale ever for this herd, after 53 years of raising quality Charolais cattle. The quality ran deep, and the sale stayed strong throughout the day.

Randy Schmidt also feeds cattle at his ranch, and buys many of his customers’ calves. It is a beautiful sight for these commercial cattlemen to see their calves on feed in a large group. The Schmidt bull influence adds pounds of growth and helps the cattle to achieve the muscle desired for highly rated carcass traits.

“Bulls That Fit” is the sale slogan for Schmidt Cattle Company. This means producing cattle that fit all segments of the cattle industry. This includes the commercial cowman and the seedstock business, as well as the cattle feeder and the packer that puts the meat in the box.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 127, selling for $20,000 to Creekside Charolais, Holyoke, Colo. He was a son of WCR Sir Prince 9166P and out of a daughter of LT Easy Blend 5125 PLD. Born at 88 pounds, he weaned at 769 pounds to ratio 111. His yearling weight was 1395 pounds to ratio 110. His EPDs were BW 0.3, WW 46, YW 81, MILK 7, and TM 30.

Repeat buyer, Dennis Hulm, Meadow, South Dakota, bought Lot 90 at $15,500. This son of PVF Cad 0731 PLD was the first bull in the ring. He was 89 pounds at birth and weaned at 737 pounds. He gained 4.23 pounds a day on test and reached a yearling weight of 1414 pounds to ratio 112. His EPDs were BW -1.2, WW 35, YW 66, MILK 6, and TM 23. Completing the package was a 42 cm scrotal measurement, a 15.54 sq. in. rib eye, and an IMF of 3.59%.

Lot 60 sold to Mark Williams, Kadoka, South Dakota, for $15,000. This son of WCR Sir Prince 9166P had a 92 pound birth weight. He weaned at 773 pounds to ratio 117 and grew to a yearling weight of 1371 pounds to ratio 114. His EPDs included BW 0.7, WW 42, YW 73, MILK 13, and TM 34. With a 40 cm. scrotal measurement, he had a 16.26 sq. in. rib eye.

Another bull attracting some attention was Lot 29. He had the right look and the right numbers. Sired by LT Ledger 0332 P, he hit the ground at 88 pounds. He weaned at 735 pounds and posted a yearling weight of 1380 pounds. His EPDs were BW 0.2, WW 31, YW 60, MILK 12, and TM 28. With a 38 cm. scrotal measurement, he had a 15 sq. in. rib eye and an IMF of 4.14. His new owner, at $14,000, was Ross Williams, Philip, South Dakota.

J. H. Minor Ranch Co., Hyannis, Nebraska, picked Lot 44 at $13,500. He was a Prince son with a 91 pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 742 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1401 pounds to ratio 113. His EPDs were BW 0.4, WW 39, YW 72, MILK 14, and TM 33.

Other High Selling Lots:

Lot 123 – Maximizer son at $13,000 to Mike Arnold, Kilgore, Nebraska

Lot 79 – Prince son at $13,000 to J. H. Minor Ranch Co., Hyannis, Nebraska

Lot 171 – Superman son at $13,000 to Victor Baseggio, Gordon, Nebraska

Lot 110 – Maximizer son at $12,500 to Victor Baseggio, Gordon, Nebraska

Lot 130 – Cad son at $11,500 to Kirk Otte, Rushville, Nebraska

Lot 46 – Prince son at $11,000 to Mike Arnold, Kilgore, Nebraska

Lot 157 – LT Lanza son at $10,500 to Kirk Otte, Rushville, Nebraska

Lot 113 – Mr Wrangle Up son at $10,000 to Jim Willert, Kadoka, South Dakota

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