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Stomprud Angus Ranch 11th Annual Production Sale

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Stomprud Angus Ranch 11th Annual Production Sale

-Sale Summary–

Date: April.14, 2015

Location: Philip Livestock Auction

Auctioneer : Jon Millar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

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Averages: 28 Angus bulls ave $3,741

40 yrlg Open Commercial Heifers ave. $1,585

Stomprud Angus hosted a nice crowd for their annual Angus bull sale. Larry and Eileen Stomprud from Mud Butte, South Dakota, are very sincere in their efforts to produce better Angus cattle for their customers. Repeat buyers and some new faces were on the seats to bid and evaluate this set of Angus bulls.

These bulls are presented in modest flesh and not overfed so that they won't melt away as they go to work. To insure that they are sound on their feet and legs, they are raised in a 30 acre pasture.

The Stomprud program has focused on providing functional animals for the "hard grass" prairies of western South Dakota. They use AI sires with balanced EPDs that have excellent growth and maternal traits, along with good carcass quality. Hoover Dam, EXAR Upshot and Connealy Impression were some of the AI sires that were featured at this sale.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, selling for $10,000 to Lyle Neal, Lodge Grass, Montana. This son of Stomprud Hoover Dam 224 was out of a dam by Stomprud Image Maker 918 who was a first calf heifer. This calving ease bull was 74 pounds at birth and weaned at 743 pounds. His EPDs were CED 9, BW 0, WW 58, YW 98, CEM 11, MILK 32, CW 31, MARB 0.67, RE 0.49, FAT -0.36, $W 52.09, and $B 104.10.

Repeat buyer, Allen Hovland, Milesville, South Dakota, bought Lot 3 at $5250. Here was a son of Hoover Dam who was out of a daughter of GAR Pinnacle. Born at 87 pounds, he weaned at 745 pounds. His EPDs were CED -2, BW 2.8, WW 56, YW 102, CEM 5, MILK 22, CW 28, MARB 0.61, RE 0.57, FAT -0.12, and $B 98.09.

Lot 23 sold for $5250 to Byron Denke, Quinn, South Dakota. Stomprud Impression 482 was sired by Flag Impression 10038 and out of a daughter of Stomprud Image Maker. With an 81 pound birth weight, he weaned at 709 pounds. This long bull from a good cow family had EPDs of CED 15, BW -0.2, WW 54, YW 90, CEM 15, MILK 32, CW 23, MARB 0.66, RE 0.37, FAT -0.001, $W 61.65, and $B 86.11.

Jim Farley, Cody, Nebraska, chose Lot 18 at $4750. This son of EXAR Upshot 0562B was out of a granddaughter of BonView New Design 208. He was 82 pounds at birth, and weaned at 703 pounds. His EPDs were CED 10, BW 1.1, WW 55, YW 96, CEM 9, and MILK 22.

Lot 35 was the top pick for Steve Knutson, Philip, South Dakota, at $4500. Here was a son of Stomprud Aberdeen 15 and out of a daughter of SydGen Mandate 6079. He had a 72 pound birth weight and a weaning weight of 690 pounds. His EPDs were CED 12, BW -0.9, WW 52, YW 90, CEM 12, and MILK 27.

Visitors are always welcome at the Stomprud Ranch. Give them a call, 605-484-3758, and they will show you the calves that will be headed to next year's sale.