Stuber Ranch Hereford Production Sale |

Stuber Ranch Hereford Production Sale

Mr. and Mrs. John Dudley, Dudley Bros., Comanche, Texas, purchased a couple Stuber Ranch bulls.

Date: Apr. 18, 2015

Location: at the ranch near Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Scott Dirk


99 Hereford Bulls – $5,980

68 Registered Hereford heifers – $4,118

82 Commercial Hereford heifers – $2,500

37 Commercial F1 Baldy heifers – $2,280

1 Black Hereford heifer – $30,000

Stuber Ranch – Roger Stuber, Duane and Dana along with Laureen hosted the 46th annual Stuber Ranch Hereford Bull Sale at the ranch north of Bowman, North Dakota on Apr. 18, 2015.

The bulls had been fed to show their genetic ability, and not overly pushed to ensure longevity and soundness. They may have been a touch greener than past years, but the buyers in the seats liked what they saw and eagerly bid and bought, giving the Stuber Ranch their best sale ever.

The Stuber Ranch cattle are bred to excel in all aspects of the cattle industry. They work in the pasture and feedlot and their offspring hang carcasses that will put more red meat on the table. They have retained ownership and fed out the commercial cattle for 47 years, consistently converting 20 percent above the yard average. When you see the SR prefix on a Hereford pedigree, you know there is quality bred in.

The top selling bull on the day was lot A, SR CCC Stockman 1404B, a May 2014 son of C Stockman 2059. “Jambalaya” as they called him, is a stout made, wide based, clean fronted herd sire prospect with extra pigmentation. The bull posted EPDs of CED -0.6 BW 3.3 WW 46 YW 81 Milk 29 and sold to Sidwell Ranch, Columbus, Montana, for $30,000.

Selling at $16,000, was lot 66, SR Sustain 644B an Apr. 2014, son of Churchill Sensation 028X with EPDs of CED 5.2 BW 1.7 WW 49 YW 84 Milk 32. Dudley Bros., Comanche, Texas, was the buyer.

Lot 139, SR Perfect Time 1394B, a Feb. 2014, son of HH Perfect Timing 0150 with EPDs of CED 5.2 BW 0.4 WW 54 YW 82 Milk 26. This smooth polled bull sold to Sand Rock Ranch, Benton, Wisconsin, for $14,000.

Selling at $13,000 to LeRoy Helbling, Mandan, North Dakota, was lot 39, SR LS Stirling 394B, a Mar. 2014, son of LBH 39T Stirling 53W. This bull has EPDs of CED 1.0 BW 5.5 WW 74 YW 122 Milk 32.

Also selling at $13,000 was lot 76, SR Sustain 764B to Dudley Bros., Comanche, Texas. This Mar. 2014, son of Churchill Sensation 028X has EPDs of CED 10 BW -2.3 WW 48 YW 67 Milk 28.

Topping the females was lot 4000, SR Sensation Princess 4000, a Black Hereford, Mar. 2014, daughter of Churchill Sensation 028X and out of a Sitz Upward daughter. This heifer sold to Iron Lake Ranch and Triple L Ranch, Athens, Texas for $30,000.

Selling at $13,500 was lot B, SR Lady Sport 4151B, a June 2014 daughter of CRR 719 Catapult 109 with a 700 pound 205 day weight. Chad Ledbetter, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, was the buyer.

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