Thomas Ranch Sale |

Thomas Ranch Sale

Chris Kendrick bought several Angus heifers.

Date: April 9, 2019

Location: Thomas Ranch, near H


108 Angus bulls – $4,000

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36 Sim-Angus bulls: $4,015

28 Red Angus bulls: $3,370

50 Charolais bulls – $4,140

49 Angus open heifers – $1,308

20 Sim-Angus open heifers – $1,605

10 Red Angus open heifers – $1,740

21 Charolais open heifers – $1,476

Buyers traveled from 15 states to the Thomas Ranch sale. Here are the top sellers:

Angus bulls

Lot 1, $32,000, TR MR Dually 8141F, Sold to: RBM Livestock, Florence, SD

Lot 29, $13,000, TR MR Comrade 8027F, Sold to: Fuoss Angus, Draper, SD

Lot 80, $12,500, TR MR Element 8353F, Sold to: Hall Ranch, Bassett, NE

Lot 28, $9,000, TR MR Comrade 8000F, Sold to: C&S Cattle, Orient, SD

Sim-Angus bulls

Lot 145, $5,750, TMAS MR Upgrade5736 8541F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Lot 144, $5,250, TMAS MR Upgrade 8582F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Lot 121, $5,250, TMAS MR Frontier 8529F, Sold to: Tim Dewey, Cimarron, OK

Lot 154, $5,000, TMAS MR Aviator 8504F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Red Angus bulls

Lot 171, $5,500, TMAS MR Trump 820F, Sold to: Yackley Ranches, Onida, SD

Lot 185, $5,000, TMAS MR Xcitement 811F, Sold to: Cade Currier, Onida, SD

Lot 181, $4,000, TMAS MR Powerhouse 821F, Sold to: Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, SD

Charolais bulls

Lot 232, $7,750, TR MR Rhinestone 852F, Sold to: LD Peterson Enterprises, Northville, SD

Lot 220, $7,500, BOY TR MR Outsider 8947F ET, Sold to: Joel Ritchey, Hudson, CO

Lot 205, $7,000, TR C&S MR Outsider 839F, Sold to: Troy Grocott, Colton, SD

Lot 245, $6,250, CAG TR MR Firewater 8606F ET, Sold to: Bruce Bradley, Marshfield, MO

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