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Weaver Quarter Horses 25th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Sept. 19, 2020

Location: Montana Expo Park, Great Falls, Montana

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


24 Weanling Stud Colts – $4,906

34 Weanling Fillies – $5,307

58 Total Weanlings – $5,015

5 Broodmares – $3,500

The Weaver family has been raising Quarter Horses in Montana since 1888, Stan and Nancy Weaver, along with their family continue to carry on that tradition and on Sept. 19, 2020 held their 25th Annual Production Sale at Montana Expo Park in Great Falls, Montana. The Weavers take pride in raising versatile horses that excel in several different areas. Every Colt offered at the sale is halter broke and eligible for the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge. Congratulations on a great sale!


Lot 54 at $18,500, Weavers Two Smooth, 5/3/2020 AQHA Buckskin Filly, Originally Smooth x Weavers Tuf Two Miss, Sold to Kevin Fischer, Harrod, OH

Lot 52 at $10,000, Weavers SmoothCallMe, 4/25/2020 AQHA Black Filly, Originally Smooth x Weavers Call Me Cee, Sold to Brad Gwinnip, Indiana

Lot 62 at $9,000, Weavers Smooth Laura, 5/4/2020 AQHA Brown Filly, Originally Smooth x Weavers Laura Boon, Sold to Brad Nunley, Iuaka, Missouri


Lot 40 at $13,750, Weavers ImaBitSmart, 4/19/2020 AQHA Red Roan Stallion, Smart Topaz x SNW Heavenly Peppy, Sold to Brad Nunley, Iuaka, Missouri

Lot 48 at $11,000, Weavers Topaz Cowboy, 4/30/2020 AQHA Buckskin Stallion, Smart Topaz x Weavers Miss Cowgirl, Sold to J Stenberg Ranch, St. Ignatius, Montana

Lot 53 at $9,500, Weavers Poco Smooth, 4/24/2020 AQHA Buckskin Stallion, Originally Smooth x Weavers French Call, Sold to Patrick Hollingsworth, Cle-um Washington.

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