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WEBO Angus Annual “Turning Grass Into Greenbacks” Bull Sale

The bull sale crowd stands for the pledge of allegiance.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 2, 2019

Location: at the ranch near Lusk, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

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74 bulls – $4,496

15 two-year-old bulls – $5,533

59 yearling bulls – $4,204

Sale Highlights:

Yearling bulls

Lot 835 at $8,500, WEBO PAYCHECK 835, DOB 2/19/18, REG#19352329, BASIN PAYCHECK 5249 x WEBO PRINCESS 6144, sold to Jon Woodrum, Harrison, Nebraska.

Lot 877 at $8,000, WEBO WHITLOCK 877, DOB 2/26/18, REG#19352047, S WHITLOCK 179 x WEBO MERCEDES UP 141, sold to Jim Hall, Wright, Wyoming.

Lot 8131 at $7,750, WEBO PLAYBOOK 8131, DOB 3/2/18, REG#19352438, TEX PLAYBOOK 5437 x WEBO ERICA 532, sold to Rocky Top Ranch, Lost Springs, Wyoming.

Lot 869 at $7,500, WEBO CONQUEST 869, DOB 2/26/18, REG#19379628, CONNEALY CONQUEST x WEBO BLACKCAP 671, sold to Mountain Valley Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 829 at $7,000, WEBO BONUS 829, DOB 2/18/18, REG#19352234, BASH BONUS 4345 x WEBO DESIGNER MERCEDES 622, sold to Jim Hall, Wright, Wyoming.

Two-year-old bulls:

Lot 7259 at $10,500, WEBO COLUMBUS 7259, DOB 4/17/17, REG#18950591, MCD COLUMBUS 3546 x WEBO KATINKA 199, sold to Moen Ranch, Lusk, Wyoming

Ride horses:

1 AQHA gelding at $12,500, GJ COWBOYS SEMINOLE, DOB 4/12/11, COWBOYS KING REY 364 x BAR DEE ANNE, sold to Donna Hanson, Lusk, Wyoming.

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