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Dvorak Herefords 2020 Bull Sale

Jonaie and Mark VanDuysen Wagner, South Dakota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 7, 2020

Location: at the Ranch, Lake Andes, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

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32 Bulls – $4,039

The Dvorak and family and crew had a great day for the 2020 Bull Sale. The very unique barn was completely full of friends and customers.

Lot 10 at $7,000 DVOR 554 152 ZEN 825F Dob 2-28-2018 DVOR 468Z 159P Zenner 554, sold to Hidden Prairie, Ranch, Platte, SD.

Lot 1 $6,500 DVOR 554 1032 ZEN 837F Dob 3-7-2018, DVOR 468Z 159P Zenner 554, sold to Dan Cimpl, Wagner, SD.

Lot 2 at $6,500 DVOR 554 1032 ZEN 873F Dob 3-5-2018, DVOR 468Z 159P Zenner 554, sold to Mark Williams, Bonesteel, SD.

Lot 3 at $6,500 Rowdy 554 W46 ZEN 853F Dob 3-3-2018, DVOR 468Z 159P Zenner 554, sold to Hidden Prairie Ranch.

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