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Rausch Herefords 62nd annual Bull & Female Sale

Rocky Holm and Art Handel

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 17, 2020

Location: at the Ranch Hoven, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

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144 – Bulls – $3,905

95 – 2 Yr. Old Bulls – $3,610

49 – Yrlg Bulls – $4,214

29 – Reg Heifers – $2,091

189 – Registerable Heifers – $14,30

27- Commercial Heifers – $1,282

What a nice day for the Rausch Hereford 62nd annual Bull & Female Sale. Seats were full with many buyers. The livestock sold to 12 different states.

Lot 13 at $12,000, R New York 4259 Dob 3-7-2019, Reg 44038123 SHF York 19H Y02, sold to Upstream Ranch, NE.

Lot 53 at $9,500, 53 R Spartan 5228 Dob 4-3-2018, Reg 43927499, UPS Spartan 2864, sold to Kolousek Ranch, SD.

Lot 73 at $9,250, GR Home Run Dob 3-22-2018, Reg 43929394, BW 55X 10Y Hometown 80B, Lunne Ranch, SD.

Lot 3 at $9,000, R Bonanza 4479 Dob 3-17-2019, Reg 44038147, R Bonanza 4164,, R Bonanza 4164, sold to Monahan Cattle Company, NE

Lot 18 at $8,000, R New York 4339 Dob 3-9-2019, Reg 44038131, SHF New York 19H Y02 sold to Blume Ranch, SD.

Top selling Female

Lot 151 at $4,250 R Miss On Target 279 Dob 3-10-2019, Reg 44035835, Hyalite On Target 936, sold to Dahl Farms, ND.

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