Kids learn chicken, rabbit, cattle showing at first Annual Millar Angus Youth Fest |

Kids learn chicken, rabbit, cattle showing at first Annual Millar Angus Youth Fest

Area youth judged cattle, sheep and horses at the Millar Angus Youth Day. Photo by Kaycee Monnens

The first Annual Millar Angus Youth Fest was a hit, according to Breezy Millar.

“Jon and I have been thinking about hosting an event like this for quite some time. We wanted it to appeal to all kids and be free to all kids,” said Breezy.

The Millars hoped their event would help the approximately 125 kids who participated, prepare projects for the upcoming fair season and provide young showkids tips on showing their livestock. Kids had the chance to make a rocket, prepare a plant, learn to rope a dummy, show chickens, rabbits and cattle and much more.

“These kids are our future and we feel it’s important to invest our time into them,” said Breezy.

Event participants enjoyed ice cream, root beer floats and later – burgers.

The couple and their son Ryle and daughter Kobi hope youth day will become an annual event. They appreciate sponsorship from a variety of local individuals and businesses.

Nearly two tables worth of door prizes were awarded throughout the day.

Livestock judging awards were presented to wrap up the day.


• Tips on Showing your Rabbit were given by Megan Anderson & Bethel Kissinger

• How to Show your Chicken clinic was presented by Barb Uhrig

• Fitting & Showing your Cattle 101 was put on by Ross Potter

• Livestock Judging – Jessie Lewis was the judge of 2 classes of bred heifers, 1 class of horses and 2 classes of breeding lambs.

• Renatus Woodworks of Sturgis sponsored the “Woodworking Station” and helped kids build and decorate a 4×6 picture frame.

• Rockingtree Floral & Garden Center of Sturgis sponsored the “Planting Station.” Kids got to decorate a pot and plant it with flowers.

• “Build a Rocket Workshop.” Kids could build either an engine rocket or water rocket. Rockets will be launched off at the Meade County Fair.

• The “Learn to Rope the Dummy” station was a hit Countless kids wanted to try their hand at swinging a rope.

• When the kids registered they received a Millar Angus Youth Fest cinch sack and water bottle.

–Millar Angus

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