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19th Annual Bartos Angus Production Sale

Courtesy photo. Top-selling bull, TC Aberdeen 759 sold to Robert Wood, of Orchard, NE, during the 18th annual Bartos Angus Producation sale on Feb. 4.

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Sale: 19th Annual Bartos Angus Production Sale

Date: Feb. 4, 2012

Location: At the Ranch — Verdigre, NE

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson

Averages: 88 bulls – $4,180, 6 purebred bred heifers – $2,500, 10 commercial bred heifers – $2,400, 16 purebred bred cows – $1,708, 15 commercial bred cows – $1,553, 126 commercial bred heifers – $1,706.

This impressive lineup of Angus genetics didn’t let the five inches of snow that fell the day before the sale, bog down their buyers. At the Bartos Angus ranch sale on Feb. 4, there was standing room only. New, repeat and online coutsomers bid in order to acquire these heavy pound bulls and bred females.

Top-Selling bull was 1929, a Feb. 10, 2011 son of TC Aberdeen 759 out of a Final Answer daughter. He posted an 85 pound BW, 788 pound WW and 1324 pound YW with a 113 test ratio, to command a bid of $10,500 from Robert Wood, Orchard, NE.

Whitestone-Krebs, Gordon, NE selected BAR Ultimate 1538BJ, a Feb. 21, 2011 son of GAR Ultimate, out of a ER Focus M244 daughter. This heifer bull recorded a BW 80 pounds, WW 743 pounds, YW 1498 pounds, with a 113 test ratio and sold for $9,500.

BAR WK Recoil 1852, a Feb. 28, 2011 son of WK Recoil out of a Hoff Magnify daughter, was selected by Lonnie Franssen, Amelia, NE at $9,000. This heifer bull posted a BW 72 pounds, WW 769 pounds, YW 1431 pounds with a test ratio of 121 to gain 4.6 pounds per day.

A Hoover Dam son, BAR Hoover Dam 1677BJ, was taken by Cornerstone Farms LLC, Osmond, NE. He was a top performer with an 88 pound BW, 711 pound WW, 1323 pound YW and a test ratio of 111. This bull commanded a bid of $6,750.

Dan Clapper, Johnstown, NE selected BAR Free Spirit 1228, a feb. 24, 2011 son of SAV Free Spirit 8164 out of a Sitz IMF 7839 dam. A bid of $6,750, won the bull who recorded a BW 96 pounds, WW 717 pounds, YW 1391 pounds and a 118 test ratio.

Three bulls captured a bid of $6,500. BAR Hoover Dam 1329, BAR, sold to Mike Lauters, Pierre, NE; Free Spirit 1608BJ, to Brian Steven, Page, NE; and BAR Hoover Dam 1649BJ, to Mark Keck, Crofton, NE.

Female buyers bid strong and active throughout the sale. Jim Macholan, Linwood, NE, took the top-two purebred-bred heifers home. BAR Belltora 71, a daughter of BAR Net Worth 8527 safe to WK Vegas 0164 sold at $3,300, and BAR Bardolene 756, a March 13, 2010 daughter of WK Recoil safe to Connealy Tobin 7890 sold at $2,500.

Clayton Hartman, Laurel, NE selected the top-two purebred cow lots in the sale; BAR Belle 640 Fa 940, a Feb. 22, 2009 daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035, and sold safe to WK Recoil at $2,150, and BAR Eldorene 126 Pred 912, a March 5, 2009 daughter of SAV 004 Predominant 4438 safe to BAR Net Worth 8527 0162 sold at $1,825.

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