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2010 is best year on record for bison business

WESTMINSTER, CO – With 2010 ticking down to the final days, bison producers and marketers across the U.S. are celebrating the completion of the strongest year on record for the industry.

Continued strong growth in consumer demand bolstered the prices ranchers received throughout the year for market-ready animals. The $3.25/lb. that ranchers received for slaughter bulls in November was nearly 35 percent higher than they received at the beginning of the year.

Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association, said, “Our producers have connected with customers who value the great taste, as well as the nutritional benefits of bison. That connection has created the basis for a strong, sustainable business, and has given our producers reason to celebrate this holiday season.”

Carter noted that the business industry continues to be optimistic heading into 2011.

“Our main task today is to work with producers, and prospective producers, to build the herds of buffalo around the country to keep pace with our growing markets,” he said.

According to Carter, the recent bout of heavy snow and cold weather across much of the American heartland underscores what the National Bison Association calls, “The Bison Advantage.”

Winter blizzards and plummeting temperatures can be devastating for most types of domesticated livestock,” Carter said. “Bison ranchers know that nature has equipped their animals to do just fine in driving snowstorms, and in sub-zero temperatures.”

The National Bison Association has developed a series of materials designed to inform producers about raising and marketing bison. Among those materials is the new “Bison Producers Handbook,” a 260-page reference guide that was authored by more than 30 long-time industry professionals. The handbook, and other information about producing buffalo, is available on the National Bison Association Web site at http://www.bisoncentral.com.