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2012 Beef Day at South Dakota’s state Capitol set for Feb. 16

The South Dakota CattleWomen (SDCW) have set Feb. 16 as the 2012 Beef Day at the Capitol event in Pierre, SD. Beef Day will be hosted by the SDCW from 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. at the South Dakota State Capitol. The CattleWomen and other beef industry organizations along with ag and natural resource agencies will be in the Capitol Rotunda to share information about the nutritional value of beef, tips for cooking with beef and the importance of the beef industry to South Dakota.

“Beef producers are happy to share details about how the beef you eat makes its way from our pastures to your plate,” said SDCW President, Julie Holmquist, Reliance, SD. Agriculture contributes over $21 billion to our state’s economy and beef production is the largest segment of that economic factor. “In South Dakota, the cattle industry is 98 percent family-owned businesses with the majority of those operations having been in the same families for more than 25 years,” explained Holmquist.

This event is an opportunity for people to interact with industry professionals from the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, South Dakota Grassland Coalition, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association, resource agencies, as well as, real farmers and ranchers who produce the beef on our table.

“It all starts beneath our feet – because we have healthy soil in South Dakota, we can grow prairie grasses that feed the cattle that give us food, products and conveniences that we use every day,” said Colette Kessler, Public Affairs Specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pierre, SD. “Livestock producers want consumers to know that sustainable resources are the foundation of their business. Farmers and ranchers work hard to manage their resources for a healthier environment for everyone.”

During the event, Holmquist said visitors and legislators can try beef sandwiches and samples, take home the new winning recipes from the state beef cook-off and learn about key nutrients people need that are provided by beef.

As a not-for-profit organization, SDCW work throughout the year to promote, educate and inform people about our beef industry. They host Beef Day and other events such as the South Dakota Beef Ambassador Contest, South Dakota Beef Cook Off, “Beef Up Your Bike” at the Motorcycle Rally and a picnic at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

– South Dakota CattleWomen