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2012 Central States Fair livestock show line-up

Nine livestock show at the Central States Fair will distribute over $15,000 worth of prize money to regional participants. This year’s shows will include four species; goats, sheep, swine and beef.

“The livestock shows play an important role in educating our urban population on the role livestock has in the state of South Dakota and the region. It’s a great way for keeping our youth competitive in livestock agriculture and also in keeping in the business,” Kadee Hande, Livestock Coordinator for the Central States Fair said.

The livestock portion of the fair will begin on Saturday, Aug. 18 with an American Boer Goat Association (ABGA)-sanctioned open goat show. This will mark the first year for the Central States Fair to offer an ABGA show. Following the show, a youth market goat show will take center stage.

Hande says inquires for the ABGA Show have came from North Dakota to as far as Texas. She feels the popularity of Boer goats in the region will bring additional participants to the fair.

The Youth Swine and Sheep participants will compete on Sunday, Aug. 19, with the swine show starting at 11 a.m. and the youth sheep show at 3 p.m. Monday will see future cattleman in the show ring with the youth beef and the Black Hills Gold Futurity Beef Show.

The futurity show is an opportunities for any heifer purchased at the Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS) to be shown at the Central States Fair for prize money sponsored by the BHSS cattle consignors.

All youth ages 8-21 years of age are eligible for the show and have the opportunity to gain points in the South Dakota Junior Point Show Association.

Halter cattle shows will conclude with the Open Angus and All Other Breeds (AOB) Shows on Tuesday. A total of $4,000 will be awarded during the open shows.

Wednesday will the Boehrigner-Ingelheim Pen-of-Three Show. Regional commercial cattleman can bring three head of unwashed, unfitted, loose cattle to be evaluated on the merits of structural correctness, conformation and unity. Cattle will be broken into classes by Continental and British breeds in heifer calves, steer calves, bred heifers and bull calves. A total of $2,000 will be awarded in prize money along with jackets and a belt buckle to the overall winner.

“The Pen-of-Three show is a great chance for our cattlemen in the region to gain additional exposure to their program before they sell them in the fall,” Hande said, noting that weather will play an important role in this year’s fair. “Any time you bring cattle into town it can be stressful and we have recognized this within our livestock committee.” Due to the summer heat, Hande has been working on addition preparations. “We want to ensure our cattle producers and their animals that every precaution will be taken to ensure their safety and their protection from the elements, we don’t want the weather to [deter] them from coming.”

For more information regarding the Central States Fair livestock shows contact Hande at 605-355-3861.

– Central States Fair


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