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2012 Nebraska Beef Council tour educates key influencers

KEARNEY, NE – The Nebraska Beef Council played host to 17 guests from across the U.S. for the 2012 Nebraska Beef Experience tour held June 13-14. The tour attendees included grocery directors, foodservice management, dieticians, college professors and food bloggers from states such as California, New York, Florida and Georgia. The tour was designed to provide an inside look at the beef production process from pasture to plate.

“These high-level influencers are on the front lines when consumers have questions about food production,” said Adam Wegner, Director of Marketing for the Nebraska Beef Council. “It’s important that we give these folks the tools and experiences they need to feel comfortable and confident about answering those questions.”

The tour began in Omaha, NE at Greater Omaha Packing, a beef processing facility, where the group watched the harvest process and carcass breakdown, ultimately resulting in boxed beef ready for shipment. The tour continued to Wisner, NE for a first-hand look at Herb Albers Feedlot. Attendees witnessed the feeding and care for the cattle while having the opportunity to ask questions of the cattlemen that work at the feedlot. The first day ended with a visit to Wagonhammer Ranch near Bartlett, NE to see the beginning stage of the beef cattle lifecycle in the pastures of the Sandhills. Following the tour, the group enjoyed a steak dinner at Albion Country Club and the company of the Boone/Nance County Cattlemen.

The second day started with a visit to Town & Country Veterinary Clinic in Albion and then a final stop at Loeske Feedyard, a farmer/feeder operation near Columbus, NE. The attendees learned about the care the cattle receive throughout their lives and the careful nutrition used to raise a healthy animal.

“This tour was a great opportunity for these influencers to see the true story of the beef community,” said Wegner. “It’s our hope that they will now go back and share their experience with their friends, family, colleagues and customers.”

The Nebraska Beef Council hosts the Nebraska Beef Experience tour every year and utilizes the assistance of other state beef councils to identify potential attendees.

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