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2012 Spickler Ranch Angus Bull Sale

Brothers Justin and Nathan Spickler and their families hosted the Annual Spickler Ranch Production Sale at the ranch near Glenfield, ND on May 7, 2012. Once again there was a huge, standing room only of crowd buyers and bidders on hand for this premier sale event.

This was a very uniform set of bulls with more mature, fall-born yearlings and spring-born yearlings in the sale offering. The bulls were very uniform, thick and deep bodied. The heifers were the “front pasture” kind showing femininity, length and were very uniform all across the board. They were sired by the most popular up and coming herd bulls in the Angus breed.

The Spicklers have the perfect combination in place. When you combine excellent cattle with superior genetics all wrapped up with the best customer service around, you are bound to have a very successful sale.

This was a rapid-paced sale with very aggressive bidding throughout the day. Bulls sold in price ranges to meet most all cattlemen’s prices. Watch for the Spickler and McCumber “Angus Partners” female sale on Jan. 4, 2013 for some of the best replacement and bred Angus heifers to sell in the upper Midwest.

The top-selling bull on the day was Lot 142, S Lincoln 124, a March 2011 son of RA Lincoln W144. This calving ease deluxe herd sire prospect caught the eye of most everyone in attendance. The bull has EPDs of BW 0.4, WW 55, YW 101 and Milk 23. He weaned off at 724 pounds to ratio 104, had a yearling weight of 1,330 pounds to ratio 107 with 15-inch ribeye. Sparrow Ranch, Mercer, ND, won the bidding war at $28,000 (two-thirds interest and possession).

Lot 140, S Chisum 179, a March 2011 son of S Chisum 6175 with EPDs of BW 1.5, WW 71, YW 125 and Milk 35, sold to Wilde Angus, Shevlin, MN, at $27,000 (two-thirds interest and possession). This bull weaned off at 817 pounds to ratio 117 and had a yearling weight of 1,508 pounds to ratio at 121.

Selling at $26,000 was Lot 141, S Rainmaker 110, a March 2011 son of S Rainmaker 9216. Another high performing bull, he weaned off at 898 pounds to ratio 129 with a yearling weight of 1,519 pounds to ratio 122. This bull posted EPDs of BW 2.1, WW 65, YW 114 and Milk 30, and sold to Lisco Angus, Douglas, WY and M Diamond Angus, Glenrock, WY.

Lot 145, S Lincoln 1145, a March 2011 sure-shot heifer bull sired by RA Lincoln W144 with EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 53, YW 99 and Milk 24, sold to. Bar H Land and Cattle Co., Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada for $25,000 (two-thirds interest and possession). This bull had a weaning ratio of 113 and yearling ratio of 112.

Other top-selling bulls include:

Lot 147, S Chisum 1279, an April 2011 son of S Chisum 6175 sold to Joe Dimmerling, Byesville, OH, for $15,000 (two-thirds interest and possession).

Lot 143, S Summit 151, a March 2011 son of S Summit 956 sold to Hall Stock Farm, Berthold, ND, for $14,000.

Lot 163, S Lincoln 125, a March 2011 son of RA Lincoln W144 sold for $14,000 to Carlson Angus, Thief River Falls, MN, and Circle J Angus, New Folden, MN.

The top-selling registered heifer was Lot 76, S Gloria 1194, a March 2011 daughter of GDAR Game Day 449 out of the Traveler 6807 X Right Time bred donor cow S Gloria 464. This heifer has EPDs of BW 1.5, WW 58, YW 102 and Milk 28. She sold to M Diamond Angus, Glenrock, WY, and Bob Ballew, Evansville, WY, for $19,000.

Ballew also purchased Lot 78, S Cora 122, a March 2011 daughter of S Summit 965 with EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 54, YW 96 and Milk 26 for $9,000.

The top-selling draft of commercial heifers sold for $2,300 each to Ryan Lelm, Turtle Lake, ND.