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2012 Spring Calf and Crop Spectacular!

Cover photograph by Martha MintzCalf grazing the green grass of spring along the creek banks near Miles City, MT.

The 2012 Spring Calf and Crop Spectacular, a publication of Tri-State Livestock News, provides valuable information on reproduction, genetics, management, behavior, and health.

Here’s what’s inside this edition:

Range and pasture management

– Use of weed control herbicides.

– Develop a grazing strategy to avoid overgrazing.

– Forage insurance options for ranchers.

– Strategies to test the forages that you have.

– Sampling techniques and methods.

Magagement of Spring animal health

– Proper vaccinations.

– Clincial signals and signs leading to scours.

– Fly control vigilance.

– Proper care for prolaspes when they occur.

Agriculture today

– Taking advantage of cover crops.

– Planting the seed of agriculture in today’s youth.

– Return bull addresses

– Original Outtagrass Cattle Company cartoon penned by Jan Swan Wood.


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