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2012 Sunrise Angus Bull Sale

Dan Piroutek

It was the first annual bull sale for Sunrise Angus, owned by Kent and Janet LaDue and their family. A big crowd gathered at Faith Livestock to look over these bulls. This family has used artificial insemination (AI) for several years, producing most of their own bulls to use on their commercial herd.

The LaDue’s goal is to produce low-maintenance females that are problem free. These cows have a lot of middle and flesh easily. They have good udders. Every bull calf in the sale was an AI-sired bull. They have “calving ease” as their number-one inherited trait.

These bulls were not pushed, but were plenty big enough to catch your eye. In fact, this set of bulls as a whole wouldn’t take a back seat to very many. I think the La Due family should be congratulated for the quality produced on their first sale.

The Sunrise herd will definitely be a source for calving ease bulls.

Top-selling bull of the day was Lot 116, selling for $7,500 to Dean LaDue, Keldron, SD. He was a son of the ever popular SAV Final Answer 0035 Bull out of a daughter of Rito 6I6. This recommended heifer bull had weaned at 746 pounds to ratio 125, and had a yearling weight of 1188 pounds to ratio 114. His ribeye scanned 14.8 square inches.

Lot 115 sold to Dale Sprague, Mud Butte, SD, for $7,000. He was an SAV Final Answer 0035 son out of a daughter of 6I6. This extra-deep, thick-made bull had eye appeal and weaned at 696 pounds to ratio 116. He posted a yearling weight of 1,131 pounds to ratio 108, and he was bred to be a calving ease bull.

Lot 102 was also a son of SAV Final Answer 0035 out of a Rito 6I6 daughter. He could be used on heifers, and sold for $6,750 to Ron Linn, Dupree, SD. He weaned at 694 pounds to ratio 116 and grew to a yearling weight of 1,129 pounds to ratio 108.

The top-selling two-year-old bull was Lot 013 at $6,500. He headed to the Dean LaDue Ranch at Keldron, SD. This bull was a son of Rito 6I6, and showed a lot of thickness and natural muscle.

Eugene Raap, Pierpont, SD, found Lot 117 to his liking and paid $6,250 to take him home. He was a son of SAV Final Answer 0035 out of a 6I6 daughter. With a weaning weight of 676 pounds to ratio 113, he had a yearling weight of 1,118 pounds to ratio 107.

With the gavel falling at $6,000, Ridge and Peggy Veal, Bison, SD, became the new owners of Lot 110. He was another SAV Final Answer 0035 son out of a Rito 6I6 daughter. He had a super gentle disposition and weaned at 680 pounds to ratio 114. He had a yearling weight of 1,122 pounds to ratio 107 and scanned a 14.5 square inch ribeye. He had an IMF score of 4.58 percent to ratio 138.

Lot 113 also sold for $6,000 to Ridge Veal. He was a Final Answer son out of a 6I6 daughter, and boasted the biggest weaning weight in the sale at 707 pounds to ratio 118. He posted a yearling weight of 1,225 pounds to ratio 117.

The LaDue family has brought several more high-quality registered females into their herd this past year. Watch as these genetics make their way into the Sunrise Angus herd.

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