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2012 Winter Cattle Journal

The 2012 Winter Cattle Journal, a publication of Tri-State Livestock News, provides valuable information on reproduction, genetics, training and behavior, and health.

Here’s what’s inside this edition:

Sale Day Savvy suggestions

– Avoid data overload when selecting new herd sires.

– See what tools ranchers are using, and ignoring, when they make cattle purchases.

– Things to consider when purchasing cattle as an absentee bidder.

– Do your homework before purchasing cattle online.

Newborn calf health

– How to go about warming cold calves and assisting calves that don’t breathe at birth.

– Proper nutrition of mother cows are important before, during and after calving.

– How to help mother and calf through the bonding process.

Genetics and reproduction

– Strategies to get two-year-old cows to breed back.

– Sexed semen economically viable for the beef industry.

– A rancher’s guide to genomics.

– Olsen Ranches progeny-tests young Hereford sires.

Producer features

– Blair Brothers Angus

– Hebbert Charolais

– Mt. Rushmore Angus

– TC Ranch

– Original Outtagrass Cattle Company cartoon penned by Jan Swan Wood.