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Where are they now?

Each year, seedstock producers travel to the Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS) to compete in breed shows and sell bulls in the auction sale to the region's cattle producers. With an increas-ing number of heifers and bulls for appraisal and purchase, attendees know there are high quali-ty livestock to choose from, and that's why, no matter which breed is in the ring, the stands are full of people.

Since 1986, Hubbard Feeds has honored the overall bull and female at BHSS, and the champi-ons from each of the ten breeds are displayed on Supreme Row throughout the week of the stock show. Judges then evaluate the champions to honor the overall Supreme bull and female. These breeders are awarded $3,000 to the consignor, as well as $2,000 to the purchaser of that animal. In total, $10,000 is awarded for the Hubbard Feeds Supreme Champions.

Other sponsors for the event include Boehringer Ingelheim, Featherlike Trailers, Doctor Scracth, Custom Genetic Solutions and Polzin Embryo Center.

A tradition that dates more than 30 years, it's quite an honor for a seedstock producer to take home the Supreme Champion honors. In 2017, Peterson's L7 Bar Limousin, of Pukwana, S.D., took home the Supreme Bull prize, and Justin Holt Cattle/Webb Cattle, of Aberdeen, S.D., were awarded with the Supreme Heifer honor, respectively.

“BHSS has been a big part of our family for many years. We always look forward to catching up with many of our customers, friends and prospective customers each year. Our program is built around raising bulls for commercial cattle operations and to win Supreme Champion Bull with Calvados, a bull whose sire and dam were born and raised on our ranch, was a huge honor.”Cade Peterson of Peterson’s L7 Bar Limousin

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Where are these champions now? We asked the breeders to look back on these winners, and they gave us an update on how these supreme genetics have fared in the industry.

Peterson's L7 Bar Limousin won the 2017 Supreme Bull award with L7 Calvados, sired by L7 Xtreme 0067X out of dam, L7 156Y. Calvados was also the Champion Limousin bull at the 2016 South Dakota State Fair, and he sold to J&J Cattle Co. from Snook, Tex. for $13,500.

"We have been consigning cattle at BHSS every year since 1984," said Cade Peterson. "High-lights for us over the years would include winning Supreme Row Champion Bull three times; all of these bulls were sired by L7 Bar bulls."

The Petersons have been a fixture at BHSS for decades, and attendees certainly recognize their well-established Limousin program. While they consign a few lots at BHSS each year, they offer the majority of their bulls at their annual sale held on the ranch. The Peterson's 40th annu-al production sale is slated for April 11.

"BHSS has been a big part of our family for many years," said Cade. "We always look forward to catching up with many of our customers, friends and prospective customers each year. Our program is built around raising bulls for commercial cattle operations and to win Supreme Champion Bull with Calvados, a bull whose sire and dam were born and raised on our ranch, was a huge honor.

Calvados has settled into his new home in Texas, and Peterson said the South Dakota bull got his first taste of hurricane season in late summer and fall. Semen is available on this bull via LimiGene for $40/unit. Contact LimiGene's new owner, Michael Ludens, at 605-360-1191 to place an order.

"The quality, and depth of quality in the Supreme Row drive gets better and more competitive each year, and it's a fun and rewarding event to be a part of," added Cade. "Peterson's L7 Bar would like to thank the folks at the BHSS for putting on a wonderful show for so many years and Hubbard Feeds for their continued support on Supreme Row."

Look for Peterson's L7 Bar Limousin again this year at BHSS; they have consigned an 18-month old LimFlex bull out of Ivy's Bubba Watson.

Justin Holt Cattle took home the 2017 Supreme Row female honors with JHC Ms. Cookie 201C, sired by SCAR Mr. Deeds and dam, P201, who has produced several national champions in the Chiangus arena. Cookie was co-owned with Webb Cattle and was successfully exhibited during the summer months prior to exhibiting at the 2017 BHSS.

Half interest in Cookie sold for $10,000 to KC Cattle Co. in Carrington, N.D. and Beckett Chiangus in Miller, S.D. Following the birth of her first calf, Cookie now resides at BovaGen Embryo Transfer in Lake City, S.D., where she has been successfully flushed several times for her new owners.

"Being selected the 2017 Supreme Champion Female is extremely hard to put words to," said Justin Holt. "For our family, it is recognition of the late nights, hard breeding decisions and a dedication to con-tinuing to raise what we believe in. It is also very emotional to share it with our children who, though young, have a hand in almost everything we do. For the Chiangus Breed it is a profound statement that Chi cattle have the ability to capture the attention of commercial cattlemen, as well as seedstock pro-ducers, both in the ring and long after with their endless mating abilities, performance and longevity."

Justin has been consigning cattle at BHSS since 2003, previously under Holt Bros, and now as Justin Holt Cattle. In the past 15 years, he has been part of seven Supreme Champion heifers. While each win is special for different reasons, the Holt family will always remember being selected for the 2006 Supreme Champion Female with HBSC Fergie. The win stands out because it happened shortly after the loss of Justin's father, Derald.

"Derald worked closely with Fergie in preparing her for the show prior to his passing, so with the help from many great neighbors and fellow breeders, she was successfully exhibited and that win, whether spoken or not, probably will go down as the greatest win of all time because he had a part in it," said Holt.

At this year's BHSS, Justin Holt Cattle is exhibiting a two-year old Chiangus bull, two yearling bulls and two yearling heifers. Several full and half siblings will be available in the family's eighth annual produc-tion sale scheduled for April 15 in Aberdeen, S.D.

"Exhibiting cattle at the Black Hills Stock Show has always been a highlight of our year because of the highly run show and the great cattlemen that we get to visit with," added Justin's wife, Kali Holt. "It also offers a great family atmosphere for our young children, Charlee, Cooper and Jay-den, to enjoy, and without a doubt, in a few years, you'll be seeing the Holt kids showing at BHSS with Justin and I helping out behind the scenes!"

The 2018 BHSS Hubbard Feeds Supreme Champion drive is scheduled for Feb. 3 at 6 p.m. with the Supreme Row parade to follow at 8 p.m. just prior to the PRCA Rodeo in the Barnett Arena.


Justin and Kali Holt, along with their children, Charlee, Cooper and Jayden, look forward to at-tending BHSS each year with Chiangus cattle they've raised. (Family photo courtesy of JaCee Engelhart)

Justin Holt Cattle and Webb Cattle Company exhibited JHC Ms. Cookie 201C at the 2017 BHSS, earning Supreme Champion Female honors with this ChiAngus heifer.

Peterson's L7 Bar Limousin exhibited the 2017 Supreme Champion bull, L7 Calvados, who was purchased by J&J Cattle Co. of Snook, Tex. for $13,500.