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2018 Rodeo Rapid City Personnel

 Wayne Brooks 


As a PRCA announcer, Wayne Brooks brings a fresh enthusiasm to the sport enjoyed by thousands across the nation.  Like many announcers, his rodeo career began in the arena as a contestant.  While competing in the rough stock events, he gained an insight into the sport, which he presents to the audience to make them truly a part of each performance.  His broadcasting background has proven invaluable in rodeo promotion and sponsor recognition.  Combining these experiences, Wayne creates an announcing style that is both informative and entertaining.  Whether it’s wild and western or polished and professional, it’s excitement at its best!  

A PRCA member since 1994, Wayne had the honor of being chosen as the 2005, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016 PRCA Announcer of the Year, with seven additional nominations in this category.  Wayne was selected as one of the announcers at the Wrangler National Finals in 2005, 2013, 2014 and 2015 after making his NFSR debut in 2000 with the legendary Clem McSpadden.  He has announced the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Pocatello, Idaho, three times and the Pace Picante ProRodeo Chute-Out five times.  Wayne has been the voice at the Canadian Finals Rodeo for the past eight years, as well as the Indian Nationals Finals five times.  His resume also includes finals in the Mountain States, Turquoise, Columbia River, and Wilderness Circuits.  He announces other such respected rodeos as the Calgary Stampede, Reno Rodeo, Pendleton Roundup, California Rodeo Salinas, Rodeo Austin, Red Bluff Roundup, Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo, and the Clovis Rodeo.  

Though he was born in Prescott, Arizona, he was reared on the ranchlands of Wyoming and Colorado.  He believes it was this raising that instilled in him the importance of preserving the heritage of the West.  He continues to give credence to the mystique of being Western at each performance he announces.  He says, “Being involved in rodeo has provided me the opportunity to do what I enjoy.  It’s the people that make a difference-and rodeo has the best.”  

When he’s not announcing rodeos, Wayne serves as a commercial voice talent.  He and his wife, Melanie, have two daughters, Taylor and Sheridan, and a son, Ace.  Although they travel across the United States and Canada, they make their home in Lampasas, Texas.  


Will Rasmussen 


Will Rasmussen announces some of the biggest and best professional rodeos in the United States.  He has been chosen to announce the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo four times, the Montana Circuit Finals Rodeo 19 times and announced the first ever Wrangler Champions Challenge in Redding, California.  He was chosen to host the Cowboy Corral show at the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo by Las Vegas Events.  A smooth, easy-listening voice, solid knowledge of rodeo and a style that is both entertaining and informative are the mix of elements that make him one of the PRCA’s most popular rodeo announcers.  

The Choteau, Montana native’s love of rodeo stems from his experience as the oldest child of the “Rodeoing Rasmussens,” a family in which just about everyone was involved in the sport of rodeo and recently inducted into Montana’s Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.  His mother was a timer and his father an announcer.  One brother is a competitor, while his youngest brother, Flint, is an eight time PRCA Clown of the Year.  

Rasmussen says the thrill of announcing rodeos never gets old.  “It’s a great reward to have thousands of people to respond positively to something that’s happened and to know you helped that along,” Rasmussen says.  

Rasmussen’s trademark is his enthusiasm for the sport and his ability to involve the entire audience in each of the rodeo events.  His commentary is down-to-earth, sprinkled with rodeo facts and trivia that make the show understandable and enjoyable for veteran fans and first-time enthusiasts.  “My job is to educate the folks that want to learn about the sport and to inform the folks that are already educated….and to entertain everyone!”  


Justin Rumford 


Justin Rumford is not your average rodeo clown…he brings his own brand of comedy to the rodeo arena with nods to his favorite comedic actors, such as Kevin James and the legendary Chris Farley.  

Rumford was raised in the family rodeo stock contracting business that was started by his Grandpa Floyd in Abbyville, Kansas. After his college days of bull fighting, riding saddle broncs and steer wrestling came to an end due to a knee injury, he decided to try his hand at being a rodeo clown.  

It turns out that providing his style of comedy for rodeo fans, while putting his years of bullfighting to use as a barrelman was just the change he was looking for! He has since been named the Coors Man in the Can for the second time (2015, 2013) and the PRCA Clown of the Year 2012-14, 2016 and is nominated for 2017! He also was named the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Barrelman. Rumford says his goal is to make people laugh and enjoy their two and a half hours away from the stresses of everyday life. His motto is, “If you’ve had a good time, then I’ve done my job!”   

Justin and his wife, Ashley make their home in Ponca City, Oklahoma. In September of 2013, they became parents to a set of triplets! They have two daughters, Livi and Lola, and a son, Bandy. Now Justin and Ashley travel the country together with their children in their toy hauler trailer. They love touring the rodeo towns they visit and meeting new friends! So sit back, get ready to laugh…and enjoy the Rumpshaker!  


Keith Isley 


When Keith Isley steps into the arena as the barrel man at Rodeo Rapid City, he will have an extra spring in his step.   

The ever-energetic entertainer has been widely recognized as one of the greatest entertainers in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). He joined the PRCA in 1995 and had just five rodeos booked.   

His status in the association grew in 1999 when he received the Specialty Act of the Year award and that became the highlight of his career. He has been nominated and won more awards, but it is going to be hard to top what happened to him in December of 2009, 2010 and 2011. The PRCA took time to honor the sport’s top personnel and rodeo committees at their annual awards banquet.   

Isley has left the banquet all three years as the most decorated winner of the night with three buckles — his fifth consecutive Clown of the Year, third Coors Man in the Can and fourth Comedy Act of the Year, 2011 being the third time he won these three awards the same year.   Keith is currently a six-time Clown of the Year, six-time Comedy Act of the Year, five-time Specialty Act of the Year and five-time Coors Man in the Can.  

The native of North Carolina is quick to give credit to the rodeo committees that hire him, and while he may not be a natural born entertainer he has embraced the challenge and developed routines that leave audiences wanting more.   

“I was really shy and the audiences were intimidating,” he said. “I finally got comfortable with face paint, and baggy pants put a shield between me and the audience. I started telling jokes and when the audience reacted, I enjoyed that.”   

His career in the rodeo arena started as a competitor. He competed in bareback riding and bull riding as a teenager in junior rodeos. A couple years later bullfighting caught his eye. At that time, bullfighters were expected to do comedy as well.   

Isley found his niche and now entertains rodeo crowds across the country as the barrel man and with his specialty acts. His ability to train animals is well known. He has learned to work the crowd and spends every second in the rodeo arena doing his best to make sure that every audience member has a good time.   

“After being in this business for over 33 years, I still get nervous,” he said. “Then when you see the people react to the things you do, it’s very rewarding.”  

He will be gauging the reactions of the fans at Rodeo Rapid City and doing his best to show them why he is one of the most decorated entertainers in the PRCA.   


Cooper Waln  


Cooper Waln was born and raised on the family ranch on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota.  He started fighting bulls at the age of 14 for the family rodeo business and joined the PRCA in 2012.  

His accomplishments include five-time Indian National Finals; five-time Badlands Circuit Finals; 2010 Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo Free Style Champion; 2011 North Texas State Fair Cowboy Protection Champion & MVP.  


Josh Rivinius  


Josh Rivinius from Elgin, North Dakota began his rodeo career at an early age, from riding calves and steers, to steer wrestling and bareback riding through high school. He soon found fighting bulls was his specialty.  In 1997 he attended Sankey Rodeo School where he developed his skills.  He provides one major job and that is cowboy protection.  Rivinius says every time cowboys and bullfighters leave the arena unharmed is a victory.  Some of his achievements are;  13-time Badlands Circuit Finals Bullfighter;  Rodeo Rapid City;  National Western Stock Show;  two-time Tour Finale; Ram National Circuit Finals; College National Finals.  When not running around bulls, Rivinius spends his time at home managing a commercial cow operation.   

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