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2018 South Dakota State Fair FFA results


Members of the South Dakota FFA participated in a wide range of educational activities during the 2018 South Dakota State Fair held August 30-September 3rd in Huron. At the State Fair, there were 328 FFA members who exhibited 1010 exhibits. Results were as follows:


1st – McCook Central


1st place – Howard; 2nd place – Northwestern Area; 3rd place – Bridgewater Emery

Sponsored by Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Milbank.


1st place – McCook Central

Sponsored by Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Milbank.


1st place – Ella & Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central, BlockChain Technology

Sponsored by Jakober Limousin, Aberdeen.

Photos available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r8-1g3dZr4-HqIoxs15dHOiDOvZJ36CE


Champion Market Steer – Jaxon Schrag, Freeman

Reserve Champion Market Steer – Lane Miller, Howard

Champion Market Heifer –Payton Beare, Highmore

Reserve Champion Market Heifer – Matthew Bogue, Beresford

Market Beef Showmanship – 1st: Payton Beare, Highmore; 2nd Kylie Harriman, Parker; 3rd Bryce Beitelspacher, Bowdle; 4th Mitchell Schmidt, Willow Lake; 5th Evie Madison, Selby

Champion English Breeding Heifer – Kenidey Effling, Highmore

Reserve Champion English Breeding Heifer – Drew Pederson, Garretson

Champion Exotic Breeding Heifer – Cagney Effling, Highmore

Reserve Champion Exotic Breeding Heifer – Alexa Montagne, Viborg-Hurley

Breeding Beef Showmanship – 1st: Jackson Nordlund, McCook Central; 2nd: Calah Covey, Winner; 3rd: Tessa Pederson, Garretson; 4th: Paislee Carlson, Canton; 5th: Paton Coyle, Miller

Breeding and Market Beef Showmanship sponsored by Jakober Limousin, Aberdeen


Champion Market Gilt – Brent Nelson, Arlington

Reserve Champion Market Gilt – Chesney Effling, Highmore

Market Gilt Showmanship- 1st: Calvin Rasmussen, Viborg-Hurley; 2nd: Carter Ross, Lennox-Sundstrom; 3rd: Tate Johnson, Beresford; 4th: Ashton Ross, Lennox-Sundstrom; 5th: Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

Champion Market Barrow – Chesney Effling, Highmore

Reserve Market Barrow – Carter Calmus, Howard

Market Barrow Showmanship – 1st: Tanner Calmus, Howard; 2nd Kaitlyn VanderWal, Milbank FFA; 3rd: Grace DiGiovanni, Bridgewater-Emery; 4th: Trevor Johnson, Beresford FFA; 5th: Derek Van Asselt, Tri-Valley

Swine Showmanship sponsored by Thompson Family, Harrisburg


Champion Breeding Ewe – Faith Houghtaling, Doland

Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe – Katelyn Vizecky, Deubrook

Champion Ram – Alison Knutson, Viborg-Hurley FFA

Reserve Champion Ram– Alison Knutson, Viborg-Hurley FFA

Breeding Sheep Showmanship – 1st : Emily Nold, Rutland, 2nd: Logan Tlam, Mitchell; 3rd: Amya Swett, Kimball; 4th: Logan Slack, Viborg-Hurley FFA; 5th: Jaclynn Knutson, Viborg-Hurley

Champion Market Lamb – Brianna Larson, Brookings

Reserve Champion Market Lamb – Paige Peterson, McCook Central (shown by Tanner Peterson)

Market Lamb Showmanship – 1st: Taya Chelmo, Kimball; 2nd: Colton Michalek, Kimball FFA; 3rd: Sydney Tlam, Mitchell; 4th: Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central; 5th: Drew Peterson, Garretson

Breeding and Market Sheep Showmanship sponsored by Knutson Suffolks, Centerville


Champion Breeding Meat Goat – Colton Michalek, Kimball

Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Goat – Matea Gordon, Sturgis

Breeding Meat Goat Showmanship – 1st: Drew Pederson, Garretson; 2nd: Kahli Gall, Freeman 3rd: Kacy Goehring, Parkston; 4th: Reid Leischner, Parkston; 5th: Tessa Pederson, Garretson

Champion Market Meat Goat – Colton Michalek, Kimball

Reserve Champion Market Meat Goat – Riley Larson, Wessington Springs

Market Meat Goat Showmanship – 1st: Kaylen Stearns, Hot Springs; 2nd: Danika Gordon, Sturgis; 3rd: Riley Larson, Wessington Springs; 4th: Jared Stearns, Hot Springs; 5th: Tessa Erdmann, Groton

Breeding and Market Meat Goat Showmanship sponsored by Lazy J Bar Ranch, Mina


Champion Milking Doe – Ashley Engel, Chamberlain

Reserve Champion Milking Doe – Blake Pulse, McCook Central

Champion Dairy Goat – Ashley Engel, Chamberlain

Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Blake Pulse, McCook Central FFA

Dairy Goat Showmanship- 1st: Blake Pulse, McCook Central; 2nd: Bailey Schlotterbeck, Florence; 3rd: Lane Thompson, Elkton; 4th: Paityn Schulte, Sioux Valley; 5th: Ashley Engel, Chamberlain

Dairy Goat Awards sponsored by Boldt Farms, Arlington


Grand Champion Rabbit – Avery Miles, Doland

Reserve Champion Rabbit – Grant Sweeter, Lennox-Sundstrom

Rabbit Showmanship – 1st: Grant Sweeter, Lennox-Sundstrom; 2nd: Corissa Sweeter, Lennox-Sundstrom; 3rd: Taylor McMartin, West Central FFA

Rabbit Showmanship sponsored by Rusty JAK, LLC/Jon and Alex Kahnke, Florence.


Supreme Champion Female – Bethany Rennich, Sioux Valley

Champion Holstein Female – Bethany Rennich, Sioux Valley

Senior Champion Holstein – Bethany Rennich, Sioux Valley

Senior Reserve Champion Holstein – Sydney Triebwasser, Sioux Valley

Junior Champion Holstein Heifer – Elissa Oyen, Tri-Valley

Junior Reserve Champion Holstein Heifer – Bethany Rennich, Sioux Valley

Champion All Other Breed Female – Sydney Triebwasser, Sioux Valley

Senior Champion All Other Breed – Sydney Triebwasser, Sioux Valley

Senior Reserve Champion All Other Breed – Nolan Triebwasser, Sioux Valley

Junior Champion All Other Breed Heifer – Sydney Triebwasser, Sioux Valley

Junior Reserve Champion All Other Breed Heifer – Jessica Jaeger, Bridgewater-Emery

Dairy Showmanship: 1st: Sydney Triebwasser, Sioux Valley; 2nd: Travis Sharp, Aberdeen Central; 3rd: Bethany Rennich, Sioux Valley; 4th: Nolan Triebwasser, Sioux Valley; 5th: Steven Paulson, Groton

Dairy Showmanship and Supreme Champion Dairy Female sponsored by Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Milbank.


1st Place – Emily Nold, Rutland

2nd Place – Drew Peterson, Garretson

Round Robin Showmanship sponsored by Odden Cattle Company and Odden Trucking, Ree Heights.

FFA Livestock Show premiums sponsored through the SD FFA Foundation by Titan Machinery and the SD Cattlemen’s Foundation; and through the SD State Fair by First National Bank, Wells Fargo, and Dakota Energy.

–South Dakota FFA

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