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2019 CCRC Invitational Bronc Match Results

Kaden Deal was named the champion of the Camp Crook invitational Bronc Match Aug. 16, 2019. Photos courtesy Camp Crook Roping Club Bronc Match

Long go

1st: Dawson Jandreau, $2,055.00

2nd: Jeremy Meeks, $1,541.25

3rd: Chris Williams, $770.62

3rd: Kaden Deal, $770.62

Short Go

1st: Kaden Deal, $2,805.00

2nd: Chris Williams, $2,103.75

3rd: Jacob Kammemer, $1,051.87

3rd: Jeremy Meeks: 1,051.87$

Stray Gathering

1st: Jacob Lewis & Houston Brown, $780.00

2nd: Kevin Rahn & Tyrell Moody, $520.00

–CCRC Invitational Bronc Match


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