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2019 Fall Cattle Journal — #NEBRASKASTRONG

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As editors of Tri-State Livestock News, we don’t just write about the livestock industry, we live it. While we are assigning stories and writing about saving baby calves and the stresses of the cattle market, we’re trying to save baby calves and doing our own stressful cattle market calculations. When the news is chaos and heartache in the livestock industry we’re feeling it too. And when it’s bootstraps and grassroots making news, we get to feel that pride and community along with everyone else in the livestock industry who sees disaster not as an opportunity to profit from the misfortune of our neighbors, but as an opportunity to share our good fortune with them.
The news was bleak for several months as much of Nebraska and surrounding states were doused with rain after rain on top of snow, followed by hail. We’re all too familiar with drought, have the backup plans, the trigger dates, but we don’t have plans for too much water. Most of us didn’t think that was even possible.
We’re happy to report that the water eventually subsides, but the sense of community and encouragement that was shared so readily will last a lot longer than the sense of doom.
-Maria Tibbetts, Digital & Special Sections Editor

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