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2022 WLF Scholarships

Western Legacy Foundation announces scholarship winners

The Western Legacy Foundation, formerly known as Black Hills Stock Show Foundation, has announced the 2022 scholarship winners. The foundation was established in 1993 to administer youth scholarships and grant programs to benefit communities in our region and organizations that support the agriculture industry. The Western Legacy Foundation’s investment in youth furthering their education is over $50,000 per year. Through memberships and events, the foundation will continue “Preserving the Legacy, and Investing in the Future.” For more information about the foundation, it’s events, and scholarship opportunities go to the website at WesternLegacyFoundation.com.

MILO MYPKEMA SCHOLARSHIP – $6,000 Total Over 3 Years

Autumn Skow – Philip High School

Autumn Skow is the daughter of Deb Skow, Midland, S.D. Autumn is a four-year member of National Honor Society and is active in Drama, Choir, FFA, and Student Council. In the community, Autumn helps with a reading program at a local library, blood drives, Feed SD and food drives, and various other downtown projects and events. She plans to attend Chadron State College and pursue a pre-veterinary medicine degree. Her high school English instructor wrote, “Both in and out of school, Autumn demonstrates excellent character. In her school related activities, Autumn has gleaned and honed leadership skills; her peers look up to her as a positive role model who they can trust to guide them in an appropriate manner.” In her essay Autumn wrote about what it means to be a family, “You work together, fight over trivial things, but in the end you’re always there for each other.

CATEGORY I SCHOLARSHIPS – $5,000 (each) Total Over 2 Years

Collin Bradberry – Sully Buttes High School

Collin Bradberry is the son of Kevin and Christy Bradberry of Onida, S.D. His FFA advisor wrote, “Collin is a hard worker who still takes the time to volunteer in his community. He offers a hand to a lot of different community and school events.” Collin is active in band, choir, sports videography, student mentorship, FCCLA, FFA, and track. He plans to attend Dakota State University and pursue a degree in Computer Science and Cyber Security. Collin wrote that since he was born with a rare vision impairment, he was not able to play contact sports, so he turned to his love of music. For the past three years, Collin has been a member of the Macy’s Great American Marching Bank in New York Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He continued, “I have gained so much knowledge and confidence after some challenging experiences in my high school year. I have learned that I do not have to be the best player or loudest speaker to be a good leader.”

Sierra Hilgenkamp – Wall High School

Sierra Hilgenkamp is the daughter of Dawn and Dan Hilgenkamp of Wall, S.D. Sierra is active in volleyball, basketball, rodeo (officer), FFA (officer), FCA, Friends of Rachel Club, National Honor Society, student council (officer), class officer, 4-H (officer), and Wall Economic Development. She is a National High School Rodeo and Jr. American Rodeo qualifier along with several other rodeo and organizational awards and honors. In her community, Sierra helps with Skyview movie nights, annual Parade of Lights, junior high volleyball and basketball games, local blood drives, and many more activities. Her school principal said, “Sierra is a tireless worker, and you will be impressed with her work ethic. Personally, I’m most impressed with her kindness and maturity. As a student who is very active throughout school and community, Sierra sets and maintains high goals/standards for herself.” When writing about her western heritage, Sierra said, “It is a way of life that has helped me to understand the values of respect, hard work, and family morals.” After high school she plans to attend Gillette College to pursue a career in nursing. “I want to create a lasting impact on the small communities of helping hands and kind smiles. I will be able to advance my western heritage and help others by creating a happy and healthy community for the next generation.” she added.

Drew Solinsky – Rapid City Central High School

Drew Solinsky is the son of Ann & Dean Solinsky of Hermosa, S.D. He plans to attend South Dakota School of Mines and earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in agriculture. During high school, Drew has been active in football, theatre, National Honor Society, shooting sports, livestock showing and judging, his church, Western Junior, and 4-H. Drew volunteers in the community with food and coat drives and weeding, cleaning yards for the elderly, and has been on two mission trips. Drew wrote, “Through my agriculture experiences I have had the opportunity to see and help many other operations. Each time learning from the experience they have provided. These opportunities allowed me to better my western heritage by connecting with others. This connection has provided me an outreach for questions on how to better my operation, but also how I already affect my agriculture community. It showed me the role that I play in my western heritage.” His high school math teacher said this about him, “Drew is truly motivated by learning and has a very good attitude about life. He is a very nice and friendly person.”

Abigail Morse – Madison High School

Abigail Morse is the daughter of John and Kristin Morse of Madison, S.D. Madison’s extracurricular activities include student council (officer), volleyball, basketball, track, FFA FCA, and National Honor Society. She is active in the community with her church, Meals on Wheels, youth basketball clinics, and many more projects. She has also participated in many projects through 4-H. Her FFA advisor wrote, “She works well with others and is a team player. Abigail has never complained about a task she has been given. She completes them without complaint. She is a leader that brings out the best in her fellow students.” After high school graduation, Abigail plans to attend South Dakota State University and major in animal science. She then aspires to continue her education and pursue a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Abigail wrote that she believes the most important traits of western heritage are: hard work, responsibility, leadership, and integrity. “Agriculture would not be where it is today without these values. Without the individuals who strive to do the best work they can, hold themselves accountable, treat animals and land with respect, and advocate for all members of the agricultural community, the industry would simply not be the same,” she wrote.

Lane Allen Jay – Hulett High School

Lane Jay is the son of Lee and Jennifer Jay of Hulett, Wyo. In his essay, Lane wrote, “Through engineering, we’ve made huge advances in agricultural production and productivity. Scientists, agronomists, engineers, and doctors all play a crucial role in developing sustainable advances in agriculture that will benefit the general public as a whole.” Lane is active in football, basketball, track, student council, yearbook, FFA, and band. He has held offices in several organizations and has won many awards through these organizations, along with volunteering for several local events and activities. Attending a Wyoming college to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education and returning to northeast Wyoming as an ag teacher is Lane’s goal. His English teacher said, “While he is naturally intelligent, he is also curious and interested in the world around him. He seems to absorb information and has an expansive knowledge base for someone his age. He never stops learning, and the world is his classroom.”


Matea Gordon – Sturgis High School

Matea Gordon is the daughter of Bruce and Kindra Gordon of Whitewood, SD. During high school, Matea has participated in FFA (officer), student council (officer), Destination Imagination, journalism, youth leadership team, National Honor Society, 4-H (officer), Jr. Beef Ambassador, church activities, and several other activities and projects. Her ag education teacher had this to say about her, “Matea has an energetic passion for sharing agriculture with others, as well as pursuing agriculture for her future career. Through her school and community activities, she is a high achieving student, responsible leader/role model, and community-minded, caring citizen.” A degree in Agribusiness and Marketing is Matea’s goal when she attends South Dakota State University. In her essay, she wrote, “I want to focus on a future career in agriculture because I enjoy the people in agriculture, the rural lifestyle, and I have pride in being part of the industry that cares for the land and livestock that feeds our world. I recognize that consumers have a continued interest in learning about how food was raised and by whom, and I would like to be a part of the effort that helps bridge that knowledge gap between agriculture and consumers.”

Jessica Woodward – Custer High School

Jessica Woodward is the daughter of Jerry and Laurie Woodward of Custer, S.D. Jessica will attend Gillette Community College to complete her Associate of Nursing degree, while at the same time completing her Bachelor of Science Nursing degree through the University of Wyoming while staying at the Gillette campus. Jessica has been active in rodeo throughout high school, earning a trip to the National High School Rodeo and is a three-time South Dakota High School Rodeo 20X qualifier. She also stays active as a sixth-grade teacher’s aide; 4-H member, leader, and volunteer; certified 4-H archery coach; and has many 4-H awards along with being a State 4-H Rodeo place winner. Jessica volunteers at several local rodeo and playday events and helps with other community activities. About growing up on the family ranch, Jessica wrote, “I wouldn’t change my upbringing and am extremely proud of my western heritage. This is a lifestyle I want to continue living.” She plans to return to the family ranch and continue living the western lifestyle while working in rural South Dakota as a nurse. Her high school math teacher said, “Jessica’s organization, responsibility, and commitment to education contribute to her success in the classroom and activities. Jessica is a respectful student who is willing to learn – she manages her time well – a mature high school senior.”

Seth Gaikowski – Waubay High School

Seth Gaikowski is the son of Justin and Amy Gaikowski of Waubay, S.D. His interests include agriculture, business management, athletics, rodeo, community involvement, and spending time with family and friends. At school, Seth is involved in football, basketball, track, golf, rodeo, choir, band, National Honor Society (officer), and more. In the community Seth helps with grounds keeping at the Waubay Cemetery and the Waubay Rodeo Arena, gives roping lessons during the summer, is active in youth group and at his church, and referees and coaches youth football, and basketball. The student services advisor at Waubay High School wrote, He welcomes challenges and takes them head-on, always. Seth has a strong belief in acquiring new skills and strives to do well in all he does; academically, socially, and personally.” Seth plans to attend South Dakota State University and major in Agriculture Business. In his essay, Seth wrote, “I have learned that a good handshake, a good deed, and act of kindness, and honesty are the best way to preserve my western heritage. I have learned the western way, is the best way of life.”

Bobbie Jarvi – Philip High School

Bobbie Jarvi is the daughter of Adam and Jodi Roseth of Moenville, S.D. Bobbie is involved in FCCLA, FFA, and student council. She is an officer in all three organizations. She also volunteers as a line judge and official at volleyball games and tournaments, “Dig Pink” fundraisers, blood drives, and several other local events. Her high school principal said this, “She has never been one to shy away from a leadership role or responsibility, instead she embraces it. Bobbie has been a student that I could always count on to help underclassmen, other teachers, or myself whenever there was a job to be done. Bobbie is a quiet, respected leader amongst her peers.” Bobbie wrote, “I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to grow up where I did, as it has provided me with so many opportunities and lifelong skills. The life lessons that I have learned from growing up and working on the farm/ranch will never be forgotten. Farming and ranching are not just a way to make a living, it is a lifestyle.” She plans to attend South Dakota State University and pursue a career in agriculture.


Levi Rudloff – Sundance High School

Levi Rudloff is the son of Carol Jordan of Aladdin, Wyo. and plans to attend Mitchell Technical College in the Architectural Design and Building Construction program. According to Levi’s high school business instructor, “Academically, Levi is a great student. As a leader in our school, he is well respected by teachers and peers. He has been part of community service activities in FCCLA, National Honor Society, and student council. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him, shows up early, and stays late.” Levi is active in student council, FCCLA, football, basketball, wrestling, National Honor Society, church, and 4-H. He has held offices in several organizations and has many awards and achievements. Levi also achieved Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. “I love to learn how to do many things to expand my knowledge on all forms of the western way of life. I have worked rodeos, constructed houses, built miles of fence line, put up hay, trained horses, and many other agriculture-related occupations throughout my young life. Through all of this I have come to love building the most.” wrote Levi. He also plans to take business classes to help him with his goal of owning his own architectural business.

Chye Livermont – Wall High School

Chye Livermont is the daughter of Neal and Dana Livermont of Interior S.D. In her essay, Chye wrote, “My ancestors worked hard to establish a ranch in the rich grasslands of South Dakota throughout the tough times they endured. It is thanks to them that I have learned how, what may seem impossible, rarely is.” She plans to attend Lake Area Technical College in the Business Associate program where she plans to double major in Photography/Media as well as Marketing and Management. Chye is active in drama, FFA, track, and is a first-grade mentor. In the community she helps with events at the Interior Roping Club, Interior Elementary School, and Wall School sporting events. The Wall school technology coordinator wrote that Chye is a diligent and independent student who works at developing her own understanding but is not afraid to ask questions when the need arises. She also stated, “Chye is a conscientious and dependable student.”

The following scholarships were awarded during the 20X Rodeo in Rapid City, SD. The 20X scholarships are funded by the Western Legacy Foundation. The SD Buckaroo Scholarship is funded by the Buckaroos.

20X SCHOLARSHIPS – $1000 each

Jazz McGirr – Huron High School

Jazz McGirr is the daughter of Bard and Laura McGirr. She is involved in FFA, National Honor Society, volleyball, basketball, choir, 4-H, high school rodeo, and yearbook. Jazz plans to attend South Dakota State University and major in nursing, then continuing to become an anesthesiologist. She also plans to participate in college rodeo, competing in breakaway, goat tying, and team roping.

Cody Barnett – Harding County High School

Cody Barnett is the son of Cheyenne Hanson and the late Kyle Barnett. Cody is involved in football, basketball, quiz bowl team, FFA, rodeo, student council, and 4-H. He plans to attend Gillette College and compete in steer wrestling.


Tayson Jones – Faith High School

Tayson Jones is the son of Eric and Chasity Jones. He is involved in football, wrestling, rodeo, and 4-H. Tayson plans to attend Sheridan College for welding. He plans to compete in saddle bronc and steer wrestling while in college.

Drew Solinksy
Lane Jay


Jessica Woodward
Seth Gaikowski
Sierra Hilgenkamp
Levi Rudloff
Bobbi Jarvi
Autumn Skow
Chye Livermont
Collin Bradberry
Matea Gordon
Abigail Morse
20x and Buckaroo scholarships

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