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21 Angus 28th Annual Top Cut Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 29, 2022

Location: 21 Angus Ranch, New England, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


144 Angus Bulls – $5,460

What a beautiful day at the 21 Angus Ranch for the 28th annual Top Cut Bull Sale. The large crowd in the pens and on the seats enjoyed the view of a great set of Angus bulls.

Lot 1 at $15,000, 21 AR BRAVO B064X JS, Dob 2-9-2021, Reg 20177465, Coleman Bravo 6313 x 21 AR Eldorene 9069X JS, sold to Fortunes Rafter U Cross, Quinn, South Dakota.

Lot 9 at $15,000, 21 AR LOGO B088, Dob 2-14-2021, Reg 20184187, Sitz Logo 12964 x 21AR Esther 9312, sold to Austin Steinmetz, Carson, North Dakota.

Lot 3 at $13,000, 21 AR Bravo B274, Dob 2-24-2021, Coleman Bravo 6313 x 212AR Esther 5484, sold to Austin Steinmetz.

Lot 4 at $12,500, 21 AR LOGO B004, Dob 2-2-2021 Reg 20184169, Sitz Logo 12364 x 21 AR Barbara 9249, sold to Austin Steinmetz.

Lot 7 at $12,000 21 AR BRAVO B007A, Dob 2-2-2021, Reg 20177454, Coleman Bravo 6313 x 21AR BlackCap 9303A, sold to Douglas Striegel, Carson, North Dakota.

Lot 8 at $12,000, 21AR BRAVO B017 , Dob 2-6-2021, Reg 20177491, Coleman Bravo 6313 x 21AR Barbara 9042, sold to Dubas Cattle Company, Fullerton, Nebraska.

Anne Wolf, Jennifer and Cory Christman.
North Dakota and South Dakota Angus representative Rod Geppert.
North Dakota Angus Queen Karlee Sailer.


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