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4.7 million dollars in grant money available

The USDA, through the Office of Advocacy and Outreach, is making available 4.7 million dollars as a second round of funding formerly referred to as the 2501 Program.

The objective of this funding is to attract local, community-based organizations and other eligible entities who are capable of accomplishing a project that addresses all four of the following components:

• Collect and analyze information on the number of actual and potential socially disadvantaged farmers within a defined geographic area;

• Outreach with the specific purpose of identification of root causes of failure to achieve equitable participation in USDA agricultural programs by Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers, as well as development of recommended solutions;

• Development and deployment of improved approaches to outreach and technical assistance; and

• Collection and analysis of information on success of those approaches.

To see details, and apply for this grant visit Grants.gov and enter CFDA 10.443. Limitations and restriction apply. Deadline for submitting applications is August 9, 2010. For further information contact the OASDFR Program Specialist by e-mail at OASDFR@usda.gov or by phone, 202-720-6350.

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