5 L Red Angus “Right for the Times” Annual Fall Sale

Jeremiah Holmes, 4J Ranch, Spray, OR, purchased bulls at the 5L Red Angus sale.

Date: November 9, 2012

Location: At the ranch, Sheridan, MT

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell


103 Red Angus bulls – $3,932

38 Black “Profit Plus” bulls – $3,350

Larry, Lisa and the rest of the outfit at 5L Red Angus presented another great set of bulls for their Annual “Right for the Times” Fall Production Sale. The roads and weather were a bit challenging for the crowd that made it in, but the bidding action in the seats and thru the conference and video was quite active. Giving the Mehlhoff family a very successful event.

This area had many challenges throughout the summer. From dry conditions to fires and extreme heat, the cattle at 5L have proven that they can adapt and excel in most all conditions. Larry uses those challenges of adversity as a tool to evaluate the 5L cow herd in areas of cow size, feed requirements, reproductive efficiency, longevity and overall adaptability. All of those traits provide more efficient, profitable seed stock and feeder cattle to their many repeat buyers. As Larry stated, “these cattle Just Do It.”

Topping the sale was lot 136, 5L Country Roads 466-475Y, an April 7, 2011, bull by 5L Tradesman 1715-6237 out of a 5L Direct dam. This herd sire prospect posted EPD’s of BW 0.4, WW 51, YW 86, Milk 24 and sold to Loosli Red Angus, Ashton, ID, for $19,000.

Selling at $9,000 was lot 148, 5L Tradesman 2397-433Y, an April 1, 2011, son of 5L Tradesman 1715-6237 out of a 5L Destiny dam with EPD’s of BW -1.6, WW 63, YW 101 and Milk 14. Deb Wacker, Brush, CO, was the buyer.

Lot 137, 5L Montana Sky 2847-432Y, an April 3, 2011, son of 5L Norse Design with EPD’s of BW -1.2, WW 51, YW 88 and Milk 23, sold to A 1 Land & Cattle Co., Muenster, TX, for $8,500.

Valnes Red Angus, Eden, SD, selected lot 3, 5L Backwoods 3358-436Y, an April 1, 2011, son of 5L Quarterback 1205-5337 for $6,500. This bull is out of a 5L Destination dam and has EPD’s of BW 1.8, WW 73, YW 107 and Milk 20.

The top selling black “Profit Plus” bull was lot 76, 5L Fire Design 822-460Y, a April 9, 2011, son of 5L Fire Design 1296-610W out of a Traveler 71 sired dam. This bull has EPD’s of BW -0.4, WW 46, YW 73 and Milk 27, and sold to Bruce Boettcher, Bassett, NE, for $6,000.