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5 L Red Angus

Heston, Ashley, Wheeler, Cash and Ladd Johns from the Johns Ranch Wells, Nevada.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Nov. 1, 2018

Location: at the ranch Sheridan, Montana

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell


141 Red Angus , Black Red Carrier, Charolais and Black and Red Sim- Angus Bulls – $4,252

67 Reg – Bred Heifers and Cows – $2,646

141 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,909

Top Red Angus Bulls

• Lot 6 at $10,500, 5L Merlin Pride 2963-718E, Dob 5-28-2017, LJC Merlin Pride 365C x 5 L Reba 1701-2963, sold to Bowles J5 Reds Chinook, Montana.

• Lot 8 at $9,500, 5L Overhaul 5302-565E, Dob 4-18-2017, 5L Overhaul 5939-243Y x 5L Silkwood 1227-5302, sold to Kent Mindemann Fletcher, Oklahoma.

•Lot 21 at $9,000, 5L Profiteer 225-495E, Dob 4-7-2018, 5L Profiteer 1201-103C x 5L Seloa 163-225, sold to Leachman of Colorado Wellington, Colorado.

• Lot 159 at $8,500, 5L MTN Trader 703-732E, Dob 6-15-2017, 5L MTN Trader 1410-147B x 5L Ruby 51-703, sold to Scott Standridge, Lindsay, Oklahoma.

Top Black Red Carrier

• Lot 74 at $7,500, 5L Bourne 2254-589E, Dob 4-1-2017, 5L Bourne 117-48A x 5L Adina 2209- 2254, sold to Pat & Joanne Wade, Lusk, Wyoming

Top Bred Heifer

• Lot 244 at $7,000, 5L Mattie 3495-1797, Dob 2-20-2017, 5L Advocate 560-35Z x 5L Mattie 5902-3495, sold to Blew Partnership, Castleton, Kansas

• Lot 207 at $6,000, 5L Blackbird 1125-1527, Dob 2-17-2017, 5L Bourne 17-48A x 5l Blackbird 4653-1125, sold to Northern Lites Red Angus, Opheim, Montana.

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