50th Annual Montana Angus Tour Sept. 20-21

Around 450 plus people from 27 states and 4 foreign countries attended the 50th anniversary Montana Angus tour.

JC Heiken Angus,  Broadview, MT, second stop Thursday morning.
Roger Jacobs, tour MC and Tim Todd at the Green Mountain Angus stop.
6 busses and 20+ cars traveled the tour route for the 50th Annual Montana Angus Tour.
Joe Goggins, spokesman for Vermillion Ranch
Babe Goggins, matriarch of Vermilion Ranch

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

  1. Pine Coulee at Beartooth Ranch, at Absarokee, MT – Guests: Barragree Cattle Co, JL Farms
  2. Indreland Angus, pasture tour near Harlowton, MT
  3. Green Mountain Angus ranch headquarters, Rygate, MT
  4. Currant Creek, Roundup, MT
  5. Frosty Creek Angus, Roundup, MT – Guests: West Wind Angus Ranch, A Bar Angus
  6. Vermilion Ranch, Billings, MT

Thursday, September 21, 2023

  1. Beartooth Angus at Swift River Ranch, Billings, MT
  2. Heiken Angus, Broadview, MT
  3. World West Sire Services, Joliet, MT
  4. Midland Bull Test, Columbus, MT – Guests: Winding River Angus, McDonnell Angus, Hunt Creek Angus, Craft Angus
  5. Basin Angus, Laurel, MT