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5L Red Angus Annual “Profit $eeker” Spring Sale

Pre-sale remarks.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 12, 2019

Location: at the Ranch near Sheridan, Montana

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell


201 yearling Red Angus bulls – $4,703

42 yearling Black-Red Carrier bulls – $3,845

4 Red SimmAngus bulls – $5,000

11 OptiBulls – $2,727

25 yearling Registered Red Angus heifers – $2,600

190 yearling Commercial heifers – $1,050

Sale Highlights:

Lot 123 at $19,000, 5L LIKABLE 8986-283F, DOB 3/9/18, BECKTON LIKABLE C643 L3 x 5L SYBILLI 4351-8986, sold to TJS Red Angus, Lodge Grass, Montana.

Lot 88 $15,500, 5L BOURNE 4916-25F, DOB 1/29/18, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L ROSE 4104-4916, sold to Schuler Red Angus, Bridgeport, Nebraska.

Lot 155 $11,000, 5L LIKABLE 1221-80F, DOB 2/9/18, BECKTON LIKABLE C643 L3 x 5L BLACKBIRD 5519-1221, sold to Lucht Red Angus, Manhattan, Montana.

Lot 6 $11,000, 5L BOURNE Z318-43F, DOB 1/31/18, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L RUBY 1264-Z318, sold to Udy Cattle Company, Rockland, Idaho.

Lot 129 $10,000, 5L LIKABLE 6696-305F, DOB 3/1/3/18, BECKTON LIKABLE C643 L3 x 5L ADINA 5903-6696, sold to Gregg Hall, Filer, Idaho.

Lot 197 $10,000, 5L BOURNE 2943-399F, DOB 3/25/18, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L TESS 4798-2943, sold to Loosli Red Angus, Ashton, Idaho.

Top SimAngus Bull:

Lot 296 $7,500, 5L DEFENDER 4136-F07, DOB 1/30/18, 5L DEFENDER 560-30Z x 5L HAZEL 2307-4136, sold to Mark McKinnon, Prineville, Oregon.

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