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5L Red Angus “Right for the Times” Fall Production Sale

Jeremiah Holms, 4J Ranch, Spray, Ore.
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Date: Nov. 8, 2013


103 Red Angus long-aged bulls: $4,658

40 Black “Profit Plus” long-aged bulls: $3,628

13 Red Angus heifer calves: $2,773

25 Red Angus bred heifers: $,3533

56 Red Angus bred cows: $3,512

6 Red Angus fall pairs: $3,950

The 5L family hosted another successful bull and female sale Nov. 8, 2013 at the ranch in Sheridan, Mont. It was a big day for more reasons than one as Larry and Lisa Mehlhoff celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary as well as the “Right for the Times” fall production sale. It was a brisk day but that didn’t keep potential cattle buyers out of the back pens to admire the “wide body” bulls and females offered. The 5L offspring are grown by one of the hardiest and most efficient cowherds in the country as top bulls and females were purchased by customers from Maryland to Washington state and everywhere in between. Everyone was wanting a piece of the 5L “rock” as Larry Mehlhoff opened the gates to the heart of their program by offering superb females carrying 5L top quality genetics. Congratulations to Larry and Lisa on their anniversary and hats off to the fall production sale with good food, good cattle, and great people. Here is how the top of all classes looked when the dust settled:

“Wide Body” Red Angus Bulls:

Lot 31 topped the sale at $12,000. He sold to Lautenshlager and Sons from Endicott, Wash. 5L Nightwatch 6120-454Z is a son of 5L Night Watch 203-04T born April 10, 2012, with EPDs of: BW -2.6, WW 44, Milk 21, Wide Body Score 8.5.

Lot 1, 5L Direct Deal 5809-522Z, sold for $11,750 to Choat Cattle Co. of St. Edward, Neb. This BUF CRK The Right Kind U199 son was born April 10, 2013, and put up EPDs of: BW -0.9, WW 66, YW 101, Milk 19, Wide Body Score 8.5.

Lot 3 sold for $10,000 to Lautenshlager and Sons of Endicott, Wash. 5L Adjuster 1027-624Z a 5L Bonfire 1715-126x son born May 18, 2012, put up EPDs of: BW -0.7, WW 69, YW 109, Milk 21, Wide Body Score 9.0.

Lot 135, 5L Alpine 4899-593Z, sold for $8,000 to the B Lazy T Ranch from Hot Springs, S.D. Born May 7, 2012, this 5L Alpine 1807-31W son produced EPDs of: BW 0.9, WW 70, YW 101, Milk 15, Wide Body Score 8.5.

Lot 149, 5L Forecast 930-503Z, also sold for $8,000 but went to Deb Wacker of Brush, Colo. This 5L Forecast 247-16W son was born April 24, 2012, and has EPDs of: BW -2.8, WW 43, YW 67, Milk 21, Wide Body Score 8.0.

Black “Profit Plus” Angus bulls:

Lot 90, 5L Copper Roller 5848-234Z, sold to Damon Stauffer of Arlington, Kansas, for $10,500. This 5L Norseman 982-8265 son was born March 16, 2012, and has EPDs of: BW -0.6, WW 48,YW 74, Milk 19, Wide Body Score 8.5.

Red Angus heifer calves:

Lot 182, 5L Adina 384-4023, a daughter of 5L Freedom 09-02Y, sold for $5,250 to Mike Loy of Logan, Iowa.

Lot 181 sold for $4,000 to Ernest Christian of Union Bridge, Md. 5L Lakota 5471-323 is a BUF CRK The Right Kind U199 daughter.

Red Angus bred heifers:

Lot 207 sold for $7,000 to Loosli Red Angus of Aston, Idaho. 5L Martha 6200-1852 is a 5L Riptide 453-85X daughter bred to 5L Defender 560-30Z.

Lot 200, 5L Dyna 5140-1082, sold to Tom Venable of Jefferson, Ga., for $6,750. This 5L Tradin Sign 687-11W daughter is bred to 5L Master Link 7158-98Y.

Red Angus bred cows:

Lot 251, 5L Lakota 3387-4090, sold for a whopping $12,000 to Kevin Deal of Decatur, Texas. Born March 31, 2010, this 5L Tradesman 1715-6237 daughter is bred to 5L Master Link 7158-98.

Lot 288 sold for $8,100 to Ray and Jan Fliehman of Liberty, Ind., and Troy Reiboldt of West College Corner, Ind., 5L Tess 5166-4798, born March 14, 2008, is a 5L Blazin Red 1354-6166 daughter bred to 5L Advantage 3267-221Y.

Red Angus fall pairs:

Lot 230 sold for $5,250 to Ernest Christian of Union Bridge, Md., 5L Sunshine 784-766 was born Feb. 9, 2006, a 5L MTN Norse 71-7994 daughter with a 5L Tradesman 1715-6237 sired heifer calf at side.

Lot 232, 5L Hazel 203-898, sold for $4,750 to Larinda Mehlhoff of Sheridan, Mont., This 5L Destination 893-6215 daughter won’t have far to travel home with her 5L Tradesman 1715-6237 heifer calf.

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