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7-Ways: The ranch lesson on being thankful

Well, there she was, lying in the alley of the pens. Bloated! Spongy! Dead! It was Blackleg. We had vaccinated with 7-Way earlier this Spring. We ran through all the scenarios in our mind. Did we miss her, who was vaccinating that day? Regardless, we lost a heifer and worried about the health of the others. With vaccine in hand we gave the rest a booster. Another dose of a much need vaccine. I hope we got it and pray that it doesn’t take another but that’s all we can do at this point.

As worry began to build in my mind about this deadly disease that quickly takes the lives of young cattle, I had to stop for a minute and remember…please help God, it’s out of our hands. With that I thought, why are we so prone to worry instead of giving thanks for what we do have. How do we become people who are more grateful? I think I need a dose of 7-Way sometimes to guard against the disease of entitlement or forgetfulness. I need to avoid becoming like that heifer, bloated, spongy, and dead. Don’t you feel the same? Do you ever wonder what happened to gratitude?

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe I know, it’s already November, but have you noticed the Christmas commercials have already begun? It seems like Thanksgiving gets left out these days. Am I just imagining this or have you noticed this as well?

With 7-Way in hand, a dose of thanksgiving. I am determined to be vaccinated against ungratefulness…so here it is, the vaccine…the…

7-Ways, The Ranch Lesson On Being Thankful

Avoid Self Centeredness. The bloat machine of me will not take no for an answer. The stingy thing always wants a bigger better deal. Fight bloat with thanking God for His provisions. Your home, your vehicle, the supersized Mc somethings, the food in the fridge, even if you don’t have some “things,” thank God for all He has done for you.

Kill the bacteria of worthlessness. Fight against feeling like your trials are worthless. God doesn’t waste trials but uses them to build His character in us. James 1:2, consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

Be Productive. Be a producer of thanksgiving, giving thanks always to the Father. Be productive in your work as if the Ranch Manager, or owner, is always looking. God is the observer of our work, we don’t want to be caught sleeping under the tree.

Take A Dose Of Mercy. Thankfulness remembers to help others out because we’ve been there too. Being bloated with self righteousness is dangerous and it stinks, kind of like that heifer when she was drug out of the alley.

Make Thanksgiving a Part of Everyday. Practice humble thank you’s, especially to God. He knows your heart.

Try Neighboring. Sometimes we help our neighbors work and in return they help us work our cattle. They take the time for us and we take time for their works. Be considerate of others and think more highly of them than yourself.

Keep a Tally. Do you have a tally book for your livestock, why not a tally book of all God has done? It will tell your story for years to come. Record things each day of what God has done for you or for someone in your family. Our steel guitar player at church just got back a good report from the doctor, no cancer. I bet that will go in his tally book this year!

Blackleg is progressive, you usually don’t even notice until it’s to late. I hope this Thanksgiving we are not late with giving thanks to God the Father who has given us all things. Praying you’re 7-Way keeps you grateful for the days ahead.

Here we go…give me your top three things you are thankful for…please don’t leave me hanging. But, I am thankful either way! Please sign up for my newsletter, would love to have you.

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