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A New Era of Disease Resistant Cattle for Smarter Food Safety

A Legacy Genetics (ALG) a family-owned, innovative cattle genetics company in Texas and Oklahoma, has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to move forward and fast track further research and development of heat and disease resistant cattle as part of the FDA’s initiative “A New Era of Smarter Food Safety. This research will be a continuation of ALG’s work with the University of Florida’s Range Cattle Research and Education Center and The University of Puerto Rico’s Department of Animal Science. ALG was founded by Michael W. Vieira, a family rancher and farmer, who has incorporated food safety into the products, services and culture of ALG, an Oklahoma-based company.

ALG has asked the FDA to further research and development and testing of the nation’s herd stock through funding of a cooperative agreement between the universities and ALG.

The Company has developed a new breed of heat-tolerant and disease resistant White Angus cattle as a result of a long-term research to develop high quality beef cattle able to adapt to hottest climates. ALG also possess the first and only homozygous “Slick” Holstein bull that is resistant to both Salmonella and E. Coli, the two most common and costly pathogens in both the livestock and food industries and the most common conditions for food recalls.

ALG is also in the forefront of combating bovine mastitis through the use of Acoustic Pulse Therapy, a natural biological process to fight infections and inflammation.

To continue this work, ALG has proposed further work with the University of Florida and the University of Puerto Rico in collaboration with the FDA to improve innovations and the “culture” of food safety in the U.S. cattle and herd industries.

– A Legacy Genetics

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