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A trek into SD

We trekked over into South Dakota last week and saw more snow than we’ve seen in years. Wow – after settling for a couple weeks many of the drifts along the Interstate east of Rapid City are still huge, and lots of the living snow fences look endangered from being bogged down for weeks in 10 foot drifts, a hundred feet across. Thankfully the temperatures didn’t drop drastically, or that would’ve been a killer storm of awesome magnitude… and I know some of you had livestock losses as it was.

Proving you can’t predict a thing about the weather in this part of the world, it was raining in Belvidere on Friday night… a nice summer-like drizzle turning everything to mud. That’s kind’a good to help melt the snow, but if it didn’t stay warm a while it would also create huge blocks of ice! Thankfully, it looks like the warm temps are holding, for a while at least.

Speakin’ of Belvidere, on Friday night my cowboy and I really enjoyed the fundraiser chili feed put on by the Kadoka Rodeo Club. A good crowd was on hand, and from looking at the nice arena and facility in Kadoka, the club is spending their money wisely. That has to be one of the nicer rodeo setups in the region an’ we tip our hat to the hardworking group and the many volunteers who make it all happen.

Last week we were talkin’ about how late the Wrangler National Finals broadcasts are gon’na be. A bright spot in that scenario is that all 10 rounds are going to be broadcast on ProRodeoLive, “on a nationwide network of radio stations,” as well as over the Web at http://www.ProRodeoLive.com. A link is also available from http://www.ProRodeo.com.

Sounds like Steve Kenyon of Pendleton, OR will be the broadcast anchor, with color commentary by Clint Corey and Kelly Kaminski. Tri-State Country rodeo announcer Derek Barton from Wheatland, WY will be handling the interviews with go-’round winners at each performance.

Kenyon commented, “We’ll be making our broadcasts interactive. Our listeners will get the first word on each night’s performance, will have a chance to hear the voices of the top talent in ProRodeo, and also win prizes during the broadcast.”

Horse health and what is being done about it is important to all of us. The Center for Equine Health at the University of California’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis is one of the most active and advanced centers for equine studies, research and breakthroughs. They say regenerative medicine technology is an area that’s advancing much faster than most of us realize, offering hope to thousands of humans suffering from diseases and injuries that destroy or damage vital cells. Animal research in the field focuses on orthopedic injuries in horses and dogs, including bone fractures, arthritis and tendon and ligament injuries; and much of this research involves clinical trials of stem cell therapy.

Researcher’s report “the results have been quite encouraging… To this end, the CEH has initiated a collaborative five-year study to enhance our understanding of the behavior of stem cells for repairing bone, tendon and ligament injuries in horses. It is hoped that the knowledge and experience gained from treating horses in these areas will provide sufficient knowledge to not only establish scientifically verified treatment protocols but also support the translation of this technology into the human field.”

The team of researchers in the CEH Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Group combine the “talent, skill and knowledge of 10 research and clinical faculty from 5 different academic departments within the School of Veterinary Medicine. The group, under the leadership of Dr. Larry Galuppo, also enlists the hard-working enthusiasm of eight graduate students… Additionally, this group… Has established a working partnership with the UC Davis Stem Cell Program headed by Dr. an Nolta. Together, the knowledge and experience of all these scientists represent great leadership and optimism for the development of legitimate and effective regenerative medical techniques and stem cell therapies.”

Dr. Gregory L. Ferraro, Director of CEH, says “While there are many schools and institutions working in this new arena, as it stands now, the science of equine regenerative medicine has no better advocate, no larger talent pool, nor a more progressive research program than that assembled by the Center for Equine Health.”

We haven’t talked Paint horses here in a while, and I know many of you faithful readers are into that breed. Tri-State Country is represented in the recently elected Executive Committee of the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). President John Corbin, who hangs his hat at Colorado Springs, has more than 25 years of experience in the horse industry and reared three daughters who showed Paint’s. He’s been active and held influential positions in the Hi-Plains Paint Horse Club, Rocky Mountain Paint Horse Association and the Southern Colorado Paint Horse Club, and he presently serves on APHA’s Zone Three Coordinating committee.

Corbin is also a member of the National Western Association, which hosts the National Western Stock Show annually in Denver; and represents APHA on the Stock Show’s judges committee. He’s been instrumental within APHA to establish a judge improvement program, further technological advancements for the association, and initiated the APHA Fall Championship Show. He’s dedicated to creating an environment to encourage family participation within APHA.

“When the parents and siblings are all involved, it’s much easier for things to take off and keep going, both at the Youth and Amateur level. And that’s why they stay involved… We had such a good time… It was a good family experience… That’s my main motivation.”

Serving with Corbin on the 2009 executive committee are President-elect Linda Vance of Winlock, WA; Vice President Dr. Travis Titlow of Lincoln, CA, Senior Committee Member Scot Jackson of Stephen ville, TX; Fifth committee Member Gregg Reisinger of Eldora, IA; sixth Committee Member Mary Parrott of Ruston, LA; and Immediate Past President Carl Thurow of Wichita, KS.

Looks like that brings us to the end of our ol’ lariat rope once more… An’ the next time we talk it’ll be December… Where did 2008 go?

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