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Abi Deveraux

Abi Deveraux, 2012 NLBRA World Champion Junior Goat Tyer, enjoys traveling to rodeos and spending time with friends along the way. Photo courtesy Deveraux family

Age: 15

Family: Mom (Jolene), Dad (Craig), twin brothers, 11 (Jake and Cooper)

Hometown: Newcastle, WY

School: Newcastle High School

Rodeo Events: Barrels, poles, breakaway, heading, goat tying.

What is your future in the sport of rodeo? Where would you like to see it go? I want to rodeo for as long as I can. For sure high school rodeo. I want to college rodeo somewhere I can rope all winter long. And WPRA after that.

What is your ultimate goal as you continue competing in rodeo? To never stop improving. I’ve grown up around perfectionists. My Dad is a huge perfectionist and after fifteen years, it’s bound to have rubbed off on you. When you think you are doing good, you can always get a little better. My Dad always tells me, “If you have to think about any of the moves you’re gonna make in your run, you haven’t done your homework.” You should have the muscle memory down to a science so much that it is just a reaction to the chute opening or getting off your horse to make a goat run. I think about that a lot. It’s something I strive for.

Favorite aspect of rodeo: The environment. So many great people spending a weekend in the greatest way you can. Everybody supports each other, they’re like my family. Me being a freshman, I have a lot of really great kids to look up to, and I’m really fortunate to have them.

Best rodeo memory: One trip to Castle Rock, three hours, and tons of amazing memories later, our tire was changed using a part we started out with… On our way to Pueblo, CO, for Little Britches Finals, some really great friends of ours blew a tire a couple miles outside of Castle Rock. An hour and half into it, Dad decided we needed another part, so they drove back into Castle Rock to get the part. With the help of a fire extinguisher and a lot of luck, we got the spare on using a part we had the whole time! It turned out to be a great time because all us kids got to hang out while our Dads were getting the parts we never needed in the first place!

Notable achievements in the sport: 2012 NLBRA World Champion Junior Goat Tyer, 2011 Sheridan Elks All-Around & Trailer Winner

Tell us about your horse(s): Chopo is my barrel and team roping horse. We bought him the Friday before my first high school rodeo ever from JW and Joey Moore, and I rode him that Saturday and Sunday. I’ve loved him ever since; My Dad and I trained my pole horse, Penny, we’ve had her since she was a colt; And coincidentally, my Dad bought a roan horse named Benny a few years back. He just happened to work for me tying goats so I figured I’d start hauling him in breakaway, too. He is also my back up head horse. He got West Nile Virus the fall of 2011 and with a lot of doctoring, he pulled through; So I have Penny, Benny, and Chopo.

Have you attended any rodeo schools? If so, which ones? Lynn Smith has always been a family friend, so I was really fortunate to learn from the best. She’s really huge in my goat tying. And Bobby Harris’ roping school last winter helped me a lot. I’ve also been to a Brent Lewis breakaway clinic. All of these have helped me continue to improve and I plan to keep attending great clinics like these. Sometimes it helps to keep the rust knocked off.

Role models/mentors: Bill Smith.

What do you like to do when you’re not competing? (hobbies, other sports, etc) Basketball, youth group, friends.

What’s on playing on your iPod/radio? A lot of stuff but mainly country.


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