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Billings, Mont.– As the month of January comes to a close, we are one month closer to high school graduations and summer breaks. In the midst of daily agricultural tasks this time of year, is also the daunting task of lining up scholarship opportunities for high school seniors and current college students. Now is the time to take of advantage of the decreased daylight hours and complete those scholarship applications!

Amid the craziness of 2020 and the cancelation of the 2020 scholarship fundraiser, the NILE Foundation plans to push forward with the scholarship program, awarding over $30,000 to deserving agriculture students. The criteria being that applicants have been actively involved in their communities, leaders in their respective programs, excelled in the classroom, and participated in NILE events.

Take a look at the level of scholarships being given out in 2021:

High School One Time Scholarship – Awarded to high school seniors that meet the qualifications listed in the guidelines.

Secondary One Time Scholarship – Offered will also be a one-time grant, for students already enrolled in College or a Vo-Tech school meeting the qualifications.

Shining Star: All qualified applicants are eligible. This scholarship is for an applicant that stands out in the crowd.

Needle In The Haystack – This scholarship will be awarded to any NILE scholarship applicant if they attend the annual NILE Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser – date and located to be determined. The winner will be randomly drawn the night of the event.

NILE Legacy Award – Offered to students that have been very active in various NILE events from the time they were young!

Rolling Scholarship – The rolling scholarships will be offered to a select group of High School Seniors who will have the opportunity to renew the scholarship yearly, up to four years of their secondary education. Recipients of rolling scholarships will be chosen from the pool of applicants that are current seniors in High School.

Applications must be submitted to the NILE Office by March 2, 2021 by 4 p.m. (postmarked March 2nd will not be accepted). Applications incomplete or late will not be considered. Scholarships will be awarded and announced in April 2021.


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