Browns Angus Ranch 23rd Annual Production Sale |

Browns Angus Ranch 23rd Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 14, 2021


Location: at the Ranch Center, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery


57 Angus Bulls – $4,982

19 Registered Angus Heifers – $1,975

6 Registered Bred Angus heifers – $2,950

12 Commercial Bred heifers – $1,975

The Brown family had a beautiful day for the 23rd annual bull sale, we had a large crowd on the seats to view and bid on a very nice set of Angus bulls and females.

Lot 1 at $28,000, Browns Double Decker 0004, Dob 1-17-2020, Reg 19934857, Hoover No Doubt x SAV Blackap May 7888, sold to Bruce Cuddy, North Carolina.

Lot 31 at $10,000, Browns Reclaim 0029, Dob 1-30-2020, Reg 19934191, SAV Renown 3439 x Bar Black Jestress 6503, sold to Scott Sandeen, Blackesburg, Iowa.

Lot 43 at $9,500, Brown Add Value 0028 Dob 1-30-2020, Reg 19945405, Sitz Accomplishment 720F x Brown Duke Girl 7078, sold to Troy Sailer, Golden Valley, North Dakota.

Lot 3 at $8,000, Brown Down Deep 0027, Dob 1-30-2020, Reg 19934179, Downpour 8794 x BAR Primrose Lady 5203, sold to Kim Thielen, Lockwood, Missouri.

High selling Female

Lot 71, at $20,500 Brown Blackcap May 0001, Dob 12-27-2019, Reg 19934855, sold to Bridgeview Angus Stamping Ground, Kentucky.

Cory and Rachel Sparrow.
Karlee Sailer North Dakota Angus Princess and Rod Geppert American Angus.




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