Sale Report: Dvorak Herefords |

Sale Report: Dvorak Herefords

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TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 5, 2021

Location: at the Ranch Pickstown, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar



47 Hereford Bulls – $5,037

What a beautiful day in Pickstown, South Dakota, for the Dvorak Herefords annual bull sale. The big crowd on the seats was sure interested in the bulls.

Lot 30 at $7,500, DVOR 124C Rumbler 914 OG Dob 4-1-2019, Reg P44011035, JDH AH Dimaggio Rumbler 124C x DVOR 4687 350 Vicky 502C, sold to Bill Schoenfish, Menno, South Dakota.

Lot 17 at $7,000, DVOR 206E 214Z Tip Dollar 9576, Dob 3-6-2019, Reg P44009168, TH 13Y 358C Bottom Line 206E x BBH CBH 743 Ziggy 214Z, sold to Gerlach Herefords, Stickney, South Dakota.

Lot 22 at $7,000 DVOR 8Y R556 HOMEGROWN 939G Dob 2-27-2019, Reg P44008883, NJW 73S, W18, Homegrown 8Y x TMR B765 x Ally R556, sold to Miracle Mountain Ranch, Falkville, Alabama.

Bill and Robert Schoenfish and David Wering.

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