Flying M Angus 4th Annual Bull Sale |

Flying M Angus 4th Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 12, 2021


Location: Wright Agricultural Complex, Wright, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Casey Humble


43 Yearling Angus Bulls – $4,255

Flying M Angus held their 4th Annual Bull Sale on February 12, 2021 at the Wright Agricultural Complex-Wright, Wyoming. The frigid temperatures outside were quickly forgotten once you stepped into the heated facility and started walking through the bulls that were penned in the arena. An excellent steak lunch was served prior to the sale and buyers filled the seats for the opportunity to purchase the reputation cattle. Congratulations to the Crew at Flying M Angus for a great sale!

Lot 68b at $8,000, DOB 3/2/20, #19833187, SAV RENOWN 3439 x DBZ 8P ANSWER 4P 68X, Sold to Ted Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming

Lot 28B at $6,750, DOB 2/28/20, #19833268, BUFORD REBOUND 0837 x DBZ SCOT40T CLSSL 125S 125W, Sold to Belus Brothers, Buffalo, Wyoming

Lot 78B at $6,500, DOB 2/28/20, #19853131, SCOTCH CAP TRANSFORMER 40T x DBZ 8S ANG SIRLION 78X, Sold to Sean Carroll, Ranchester, Wyoming

Lot 51B at $6,500, DOB 3/6/20, #19833186, SAV RENOWN 3439 x DBZ 51V SPEC FOC 51X, Sold to John Moore, Douglas, Wyoming

Lot 74B at $6,500, DOB 3/3/20, #19853141, SCOTCH CAP TRANSFORMER 40T x DOBRENZ ANSWER 25T, Sold to Sean Carroll, Ranchester, Wyoming

Steak lunch was served compliments of Pinnacle Bank.
Larry Dobrenz spends time visiting in the alleys prior to the sale.

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