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Miske Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick



Date of Sale: Feb. 10, 2021


Location: Glendive Livestock Exchange-Glendive, Montana

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


55 Two-Year-Old Bulls – $4,241

55 Yearling Bulls – $3,277

110 Total Bulls – $3,761


The Miske family has long history of raising and selling balanced cattle that are designed to thrive in the harsh environments of Eastern Montana and on February 10, 2021 Miske Angus Ranch held their Annual Production Sale at Glendive Livestock Exchange in Glendive, Montana. Congratulations to the Miske Family on a great sale!

Lot 38 at $6,250, MR TRIPLE NICKLE 9556, DOB 4/1/19, MR TRIPLE NICKLE 7555 x MISKE QUEEN JANINE 5273, Sold to Darin Miske, Wibaux, Montana.

Lot 61 at $6,000, MR RESOURCE 0628, DOB 3/12/20, SAV RESOURCE 1441 x MISKE LADY ALEA 3097, Sold to Gary Tescher, Sidney, Montana.

Lot 62 at $6,000, MR FINAL ANSWER 0563, DOB 3/17/20, MR FINAL ANSWER 4524 x MISKE QUEEN LUCY 174, Sold to Ray Tescher, Beach, North Dakota.

Lot 5 at $5,750, MR UPWARD 9305, DOB 4/26/19, SITZ UPWARD 10632 x MISKE LADY CEARA 6116, Sold to Chuck Kahl, Wibaux, Montana.

Lot 4 at $5,750, MR UPWARD 9488, DOB 3/24/19, SITZ UPWARD 10632 x MISKE QUEEN DOROTHY 0530, Sold to Wayne Nelson, Buffalo, South Dakota.

Lot 8 at $5,757, MR MOTO MOTO 9457, DOB 4/10/19, MR MOTO MOTO 5510 x MISKE LADY LOIS 4123, Sold to Steve Marcinink, Wibaux, Montana.

Roger Jacobs and Bob Miske give opening remarks.


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