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R-CALF: Atkinson Calf Sale Fund-Raiser Tues. Jan. 26, 2021

Atkinson Livestock Market will host a rollover calf sale fund-raiser at 12 noon MST on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Atkinson Livestock Market is located at 87604 S. Wixon St., in Atkinson, Neb. R-CALF USA Board of Director Brett Kenzy will speak about the organization’s ongoing work on behalf of U.S. cattle producers at the event, including the newly launched Cattle Industry Long Range Plan and Checkoff Petition Campaign. Kenzy represents members in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Greg Todd, Mitchell Ranch, Ehlers Ranch, and Mark Lemmer will donate a heifer calf.

Rollover auctions are fundraising events put on by R-CALF USA volunteers to raise money for the organization. Those who wish to support the efforts of R-CALF USA can bid on the calf, then donate it back so it can be auctioned off again and again, until bidding ceases.

R-CALF USA is a one-member/one-vote organization. Voting members must own cattle. Associate members support the cause and do not own cattle. Activities carried out by R-CALF USA for the benefit of the U.S. cattle industry are funded exclusively by the independent cattle producers who pay their membership dues and by cattle producers, main-street businesses, and other individuals who participate in and contribute to fund-raising events.

R-CALF USA works on various issues that affect the continued profitability and viability of independent U.S. cattle producers, such as mandatory country-of-origin labeling (mCOOL), checkoff reform, animal identification, livestock price reporting, animal health concerns, captive supplies and packer ownership of livestock, as well as various trade agreements.

Businesses supported by the cattle industry and individuals in the cattle industry who are unable to attend in person can make a contribution for the rollover auction by contacting R-CALF USA at 406-252-2516 or by email at r-calfusa@r-calfusa.com or Karina Jones at 308-760-3466 or by email at karinajones@r-calfusa.com. Contributions over $100 will receive a 1-year membership renewal to an R-CALF USA membership and all contributors’ names will be announced during the fund-raiser event.


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