SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ 55th Annual Fall Bull & Female Sale |

SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ 55th Annual Fall Bull & Female Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Dec. 3, 2020

Location: At the Ranch – Harrison, Montana

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins


422 Coming 2 Year Old Bulls – $7,781

343 Commercial Bred Heifers – $2,283

155 Commercial Bred Cows – $2,200

SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ Held their 55th Annual Production Sale at the Ranch near Harrison, Montana 12/3/2020. The Sitz family offered for sale a well rounded set of coming 2-Year-Old bulls and commercial bred females with a firm foundation of maternal genetics. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 54 at $120,000, SITZ INTUITION 9929, DOB 2/19/19, SITZ PROFILE 1160 x SITZ FLORABELLE FANNY 1293, Sold to ST Genetics, Navasota, Texas.

Lot 94 at $50,000, SITZ CONTINUITY 11579, DOB 2/2/19, SITZ PROFILE 1160 x SITZ ERICA EVERELDA 2007, Sold to Alta Genetics, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Lot 126 at $45,000, SITZ NATIONAL 12139, DOB 1/27/19, CONNEALY NATIONAL 390C x SITZ FLORABELLE FANNY 78, Sold to Hilltop Angus Ranch, Denton, Montana, Rollin’ Rock Angus, Helix, Oregon & Botts Angus Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon.

Lot 29 at $32,000, SITZ LOGO 10429, DOB 2/15/19, SITZ LOGO 12964 x SITZ BARBARAMERE NELL 3076, Sold to Sellman Ranch, Crawford, Nebraska.

Lot 97 at $27,000, SITZ RLS INDICATOR 10959, DOB 2/9/19, CONNEALY INDICATOR x SITZ RLS EISA EVERGREEN 0288, Sold to Pete Thompson, Kintyre, North Dakota.

Lot 271 at $22,000, SITZ LOGO 11679, DOB 2/1/19, SITZ LOGO 12964 x SITZ BARBARAMERE NELL 4377, Sold to ST Genetics, Navasota, Texas.

Left to right Carolyn Krogman, Quinn, South Dakota, Trey, Twyeala and Rolly Fortune- Triangle S Ranch, Milesville, South Dakota and Interior, South Dakota.

Lot 1 at $18,000, SITZ LOGO 7219, DOB 2/19/19, SITZ LOGO 12964 x SITZ EVERelda 4204, Sold to Branchview Angus, Hustonville, Kentucky.

Lot 4 at $17,000, SITZ WHOS THAT 10709, DOB 2/12/19, HF WHO’S THAT 7A x SITZ EMMA E 586, Sold to Ingalls Angus & Quarter Horses, Casper, Wyoming.

Lot 8 at $17,000, SITZ ACHIEVEMENT 11699, DOB 2/1/19, POSS ACHIEVEMENT x SITZ EMMA A 977, Sold to BAR 69 Angus, Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Top Commercial Bred Heifers:

$2600 x 10 Head

$2550 x 15 Head

$2550 x 82 Head

$2500 x 40 Head

Top Commercial Bred Cows:

$2350 x 13 Head

$2325 x 10 Head

$2300 x 14 Head

$2250 x 17 Head

Nutralix representatives were on hand to provide refreshments after the sale.


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