Alan Goldhahn joins Copper Spring Ranch’s Equine Medical Center and Sports Medicine Facility |

Alan Goldhahn joins Copper Spring Ranch’s Equine Medical Center and Sports Medicine Facility

Courtesy photoDr. Alan Goldhahn joins Copper Spring Ranch's Equine Medical Center and Sports Medicine Facility.

Dr. Alan Goldhahn, a veterinarian with extensive experience with performance and race horses in northern California, has joined the medical staff team at Copper Spring Ranch’s Equine Medical Center and Sports Medicine Facility.

Dr. Goldhahn operated an ambulatory farm and ranch practice for many years in the Sierra Foothills region of the state’s prime horse breeding and ranching country.

His practice focused on reproduction services at leading breeding facilities like Legacy Ranch of Clements, CA, along with extensive work with reining and cutting performance horses at major training barns and ranches.

While practicing in California, Goldhahn developed an interest in pediatric medicine to prevent and correct orthopedic developmental problems. As a result of his work with race and performance horses, he also specialized in diagnosing treating respiratory diseases cases.

In California, his time was split between practice at Thoroughbred breeding facilities and Quarter horses ranches where he coordinated the reproductive services that included shipped semen, frozen semen and embryo transfers.

Goldhahn said lameness diagnosis and treatment was a major part of his equine business because of the large number of reining and cutting horses used in the region.

Goldhahn is continuing with his work on equine reproduction service, lameness diagnostics and treatment and pediatrics while practicing with the professional staff at CSR Equine.

“We are looking forward to being back in Montana to practice medicine and to work with this talented team,” Goldhahn said.

He joins lead veterinarian Dr. Ellis Farstvedt, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS; Dr. Rod Warren, DVM; Dr. Lisa Baller, DVM, CVA; and Dr. Mandi L. Holland, DVM.

Goldhahn, who grew up on a cattle ranch near Geraldine, MT, majored in pre-veterinary medicine and animal science at Montana State University in the 1970s and graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. He completed an internship at the well-known Pioneer Equine Hospital in Oakdale after graduation.

The CSR Equine Medical Center serves the Rocky Mountain West with the most advanced digital equipment and medical technology available today to keep performance horses in optimum condition for the arena, ranch and breeding operations.

In addition to the medical facility on the ranch, the clinic operates a state-of-the-art 48-foot mobile sports medicine trailer that travels to major events in the West with a specially trained equine medical staff that deals with on-site injuries and preventive medicine treatment at events.