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ALB Seeking Young Lamb Leader Candidates

The American Lamb Board (ALB) is seeking three candidates to represent the United States in the Young Guns Leadership Program at LambEx. American Lamb Board believes producer education is of the utmost importance for the industry’s long-term viability of the American Sheep Industry. The American Sheep Industry Association is pleased to share this opportunity with its Young Entrepreneur stakeholders.

The program is intended to broaden the understanding of new innovation and technologies in sheep production practices. This leadership development forum will provide innovative and progressive opportunities for our young producers to increase U.S. production efficiencies and provide a consistent, high quality, premium product for continued lamb demand growth and increasing the U.S. market share.

Each country (AUS, US, NZ) will select 2-3 producers between the ages of 22 and 40 years of age who exhibit future leadership potential to participate in the forum. The program July 1-3, will kickoff in Melbourne at the 2020 LambEx. Airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses will be covered for the participants that are selected by the ALB’s selection committee to represent the United States. Participants will be responsible for some meals as well as incidentals.

Applicants must complete the written application, which is available at or by contacting the ALB office at 303-759-3001.

Applications are due on Feb. 28. Review of applications will be the first week of March. Phone interviews may be requested following the review.For questions and more information contact the ALB office at or 303-759-3001.

–American Lamb Board

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