American Gelbvieh Association: New directors, leadership elected to serve |

American Gelbvieh Association: New directors, leadership elected to serve

The American Gelbvieh Association elected directors and officers for 2011 during its annual convention in Denver, CO. Front row, from left: Ken Flikkema, Bozeman, MT; Vice President Mark Goes, Odell, NE; President Jim Beastrom, Pierre, SD; Nancy Wilkinson, Model, CO; Treasurer Rob Arnold, Minot, ND; David Martin, Judsonia, AR; and Grant Thayer, Ramah, CO. Back row, from left: Dan Warner, Beaver City, NE; John Huston, New Carlisle, OH; Brian Schafer, Goodhue, MN; Bob Hart, Kansas City, MO, Gary Tilghman, Glasgow, KY; and Brian Dunn, St. John, KS. Not pictured: Dick Helms, Arapahoe, NE; and Bob Prosser, Winslow, AZ. Courtesy photo

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The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) elected new directors and leadership during its annual convention and membership meeting Jan. 7-8 in Denver, CO.

The membership elected five breeders to serve three year terms to the association’s Board of Directors. Newly elected board members are Bob Hart, Kansas City, MO, David Martin, Judsonia, AR, and Grant Thayer, Ramah, CO. Two directors were re-elected to a second term. These directors are Ken Flikkema, Bozeman, MT, and John Huston, New Carlisle, OH.

The Board of Directors then elected members to serve in leadership positions on the 2011 AGA Executive Committee. Jim Beastrom, Pierre, SD was selected as the American Gelbvieh Association president. This will mark Beastrom’s second time serving as president of the AGA. He succeeds Al Knapp, Bonner Springs, KS.

Elected as vice president was Mark Goes, Odell, NE. Brian Dunn, St. John, KS, was elected as secretary and Rob Arnold, Minot, ND, will serve as treasurer.

The other members of the AGA Board of Directors are: Dick Helms, Arapahoe, NE, Bob Prosser, Winslow, AZ, Brian Schafer, Goodhue, MN, Gary Tilghman, Glasgow, KY, Dan Warner, Beaver City, NE, and Nancy Wilkinson, Model, CO.

Retiring members of the 2010 AGA Board of Directors were Jerry Grund, Wallace, KS, Al Knapp, Bonner Springs, KS, and Randy Gallaway, Mulhall, OK.

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