American Horse League teams up with United Organizations of the Horse |

American Horse League teams up with United Organizations of the Horse

The American Horse League has teamed up with the United Organizations of the Horse in order to further their common goals. Both believe the collaboration will prove to be a winning combination with the United Organizations of the Horse’s nation-wide network of equine industry supporters; their already proven track record of effective political action at federal, state, and local levels; and their ability to communicate with the public – combined with the American Horse League’s determination to focus on pro-active court action and legal defense to protect private property rights, and the continued right to manage, use, and enjoy horses.

The American Horse League is dedicated to the responsible management of horses nationwide, and looks forward to combating assaults on agriculture as a whole, private property rights, and the humane treatment of livestock. Their mission includes taking this fight for our livelihoods and our rights to the Courts, the media, and to our Nation’s Capital.

The American Horse League will hold its first fundraiser at the St. Onge Livestock’s Horse Sale in St. Onge, SD, Sunday, June 14, 2009 with an aggressive membership drive to follow. A horse rescued from neglect and starvation will be auctioned.

“This horse typifies the need for a humane and responsible option for the marketing of unusable and unwanted horses,” said Chase Adams of the American Horse League.

The United Organizations of the Horse was formed in response to the growing number of public policy challenges facing American horses, their owners, and horse-related organizations.

“Our main objective is to be a voice for horse owners at every level, and to every audience… we need a voice that is capable of coherently and articulately communicating to a misinformed and emotionally manipulated American public, and to policymakers,” said Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state legislator and United Organizations of the Horse founder. The United Organizations of the Horse seeks to unify all like-minded equine associations and individuals in support of its mission – to promote the humane care and management of horses, and the continued viability of the equine community in the United States of America.

Besides the American Horse League, the United Organizations of the Horse has recently teamed up with the United Horsemen’s Front, the National Tribal Horse Coalition, and the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada. To learn more visit their website,, and subscribe to their free e-newsletter.

The United Organizations of the Horse will hold their first annual Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 14th at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill, and are looking forward to communicating their message to horsemen and women gathered for the American Horse Council’s annual meeting, as well as lobbying on the Hill on behalf of the horse owners of America.

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