American Lamb Board: ‘Lamb Jam’ 2011 tour set |

American Lamb Board: ‘Lamb Jam’ 2011 tour set

This year the American Lamb Board (ALB) is conducting its first Shepherd to Chef Campaign and a national Lamb Jam tour connecting consumers with lamb from throughout the U.S. ALB is featuring American lamb recipes, videos and profiles about each lambassador, highlighting local lamb producers and renowned chefs in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., on

Shepherds and chefs will host Lamb Jam tasting events in their local markets, where consumers can enjoy some of the country’s chefs preparing fresh American lamb dishes.

The Shepherd to Chef program reflects the diversity of domestic lamb production and follows the path from the land to the kitchen.

Consumers can also sample delicious lamb dishes at Lamb Jam tasting events held in Boston, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Seattle, as well as the first national competition among the best in the country in New York City. In each market, Lamb Jam will feature 20 chefs who compete for top honors as they create dishes using local lamb and match their dishes with local wine and beer.

In New York City, the winners from each market will cook for the title of Lamb Jam Master.

2011 tour dates are: Boston, Feb. 20; Washington, D.C., May 22; San Francisco, July 17; Seattle, Oct. 23; and New York City, Sept. 25.

To view the Shepherd to Chef video series, brochure, recipes or profiles, visit

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