American Sheep Industry Association featured on RFD-TV Jan. 24 |

American Sheep Industry Association featured on RFD-TV Jan. 24

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) will be returning to RFD-TV on Monday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m., Central time. During this show, ASI will highlight wool and shearing, lambing and the feeder lamb sector.

Video interviews of sheep producers from across the country will be aired highlighting different segments of the sheep industry and potential opportunities. Also, as part of the broadcast, a panel of sheep industry leaders will be answering questions from callers.

The goal of this program is to encourage more sheep production in the U.S. to help meet the growing demand for sheep products. The video interviews and panelists relay first hand the solid business opportunities in sheep production.

“The segment that ASI did in 2010 was the second highest rated RFD LIVE Program in its history,” stated Peter Orwick, ASI executive director. “With another set of videos to air showing lambing and shearing as well as feeding, we again expect a large crowd to tune in.”

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