American Sheep Industry: Wildlife Services Advisory Committee nominations |

American Sheep Industry: Wildlife Services Advisory Committee nominations

The American Sheep Industry Association’s (ASI) executive board finalized the industry’s nominations to the National Wildlife Service’s Advisory Committee (NWSAC). The committee was reinstated by the secretary of agriculture for a two-year period.

Bryce Reese (WY) was nominated as an incumbent member to the NWSAC. Burdell Johnson (ND), Joel Dennis (TX) and Lee Bloodworth (TX) were also nominated for a seat on the committee.

Reese has served as the executive vice president of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association since 1993. The association works to protect, preserve and enhance the lamb and wool industries as well as the ranching lifestyle of Wyoming and the West. He has worked with legislators, governmental officials and the general public to provide education and information on the latest technology and production practices. Reece has been one of the leading advocates and proponents for professional, effective, well-managed predator control and management programs.

From North Dakota, Johnson has been raising sheep and cattle for more than 35 years. He is an active member of many state associations and has been involved with ASI as a board member and president. As an ASI officer, Johnson helped lead several national initiatives to strengthen the U.S. sheep industry and predator management, including the use of control tools such as the M-44.

Dennis has spent the last 33 years raising sheep and cattle in Texas. He has firsthand experience dealing with predators on his ranch and has served as president of the Texas Wildlife Damage Management Association as well as the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers’ Association (TSGRA).

Another longtime Texas sheep rancher, Bloodworth, has been involved with the TSGRA for over 40 years. He is familiar with various methods of controlling predators through ranching and as a former agriculture science instructor. He supports his community on the advisory committee of the Texas Predator Board.

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The NWSAC advises the secretary on policies, program issues and research needed to conduct the Wildlife Services (WS) program. The committee also serves as a public forum enabling those affected by the WS program to have a voice in the program’s policies. Members selected for the committee will serve two-year terms.