Admirable gesture: Moncur donates 10 heifers for Special Needs Rodeo |

Admirable gesture: Moncur donates 10 heifers for Special Needs Rodeo

Ty Moncur, at left, organized the raffling of 10 of his own heifers or $5,000, supplied from his own stock, to benefit the Black Hills Round-Up Special Needs Rodeo. Photo courtesy of Roxanne Dobesh

The Black Hills Round-Up Special Needs Rodeo is an event made possible by the community, and Ty Moncur, of Camp Crook, South Dakota, definitely did his part.

This fall, Moncur organized a raffle selling tickets for $100 each with the chance to win 10 heifers or $5,000, both completely funded and offered by Moncur. Fifteen percent of the ticket proceeds, in the amount of $1,485, was directly donated to BHRU Special Needs Rodeo to use as they wish.

“I wanted to something to give back to the community. The special needs rodeo seemed like a good organization to go through to do it. I had heard about it last year,” Moncur said. The special needs rodeo hosted its first event last year in conjunction with South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals in June, and plans to do the same event this year as well as adding an event at the South Dakota 4-H Finals in August.

But wait, the story gets sweeter. Gene Keil, the lucky winner who had the choice between 10 heifers born in March 2016 or five grand, chose to take the cash and donate it back to BHRU Special Needs Rodeo.

“It couldn’t have worked out any better that Gene did that,” Moncur said. “That was nice of him to do that. It all worked out as good as it could have.”

“They called to tell Gene he won and he decided to give it back,” said Rhonda Fuhrer, a volunteer with BHRU Special Needs Rodeo. “I was told that when he bought the ticket, he had in mind that if he won he would donate it.”

“When I bought ticket at The Branding Iron, I told Ty’s mom if I win it I’m donating it back, so that’s exactly what I did. The reason I donated it was I think it’s a good cause. It went to a very good cause. I just feel that we’re very fortunate to have our health. For people that don’t have that, this is something that I felt was important to help these young kids have the enjoyment of the rodeo that the association puts on for them,” Keil said. “As for Ty, I thought it was tremendous, especially at his age, that he organized that. It was very admirable to take it upon himself at his age; you don’t see that in a lot of younger people doing that. I admire that and I complemented him on it. I think he felt the same way that I did it.”

The winning ticket was drawn at the NFR Send-Off Party Nov. 20 at The Branding Iron Steakhouse in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The event invites local cowboy and cowgirl athletes who are competing in Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. This year resulted in very few South Dakota competitors and none who attended the event, but The Branding Iron’s owner and Moncur’s mother Toni Moncur said athletes have made appearances in past year’s and hosted autograph sessions.

“We would like to make the send-off party grow again like it used to be,” Toni said. “We hope you can make the event bigger and bigger.”

As for her son donating to a special needs organization, she said she is very proud.

“Darwin and I both are very proud of Ty for doing what he’s done for the special needs rodeo to get an extra boost and a good start. He’s 27 and they’re his calves and his idea. Ty had wanted to do something to help. We were just sitting around discussing raising some money and he didn’t know who for. Our friend Mary Kay Budmire and her daughter were at The Branding Iron and he said he wanted to help the rodeo get started. Ty came up with idea to do drawing to either give away calves or $5,000 cash, that way those who didn’t ranch could still participate and buy tickets.”

The Moncur family has a cattle operation 50 miles north of Belle Fourche, just south of Camp Crook. Darwin, Ty, brother Ryan, and a cousin run livestock at the same place.

The send-off event also featured a calcutta of WNFR athletes and the Black Hills Round-Up Committee donated more than $10,000 to Chutes for Charity, an organization that is an offshoot of BHRU that benefits people in the local community facing emergencies.

The BHRU Special Needs Rodeo Committee has yet to meet to discuss what the donation will be used for, but the possibilities are endless, Fuhrer said.

“We’ll be able to do so much. We have talked about hosting a meal after the event, but a bank in town offered to do that. People are just so so generous when it comes to this event,” she said. “Last year was our first year hosting the rodeo, and I don’t know that we’ve had monetary donations. We had super turnout for prize donations for kids, and we were also able to purchase a ramp for Suncatchers Riding Academy, who supplies horses for the event. Local ranchers donated hay last year, but this is actually the first real fundraiser someone has done on behalf of the rodeo.”

A group of special needs kids were shuttled in from Pierre for last year’s event and BHRU gave them fuel money, and Fuhrer said there is the possibility to replicate that assistance for other groups wishing to attend. An event photographer is also a possibility.

Ty is a man of few words, but he said one thing that matches his generous gesture.

“Happy to do it.”


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